Cryptocurrencies declined again, bonds and commodities moved higher, and national currencies and equities were mixed. The largest gains were in coffee and palladium, which rose 9.1% and 2.5% respectively. The largest losses were in Ethereum, which fell 16.6%, and Bitcoin, which dropped 13.9%.

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Cryptocurrencies declined, stocks and bonds moved higher, and currencies and national commodities were mixed. The largest gains were in gold stocks and long term bonds, which rose 2.4% and 1.9% respectively. The largest losses were in Bitcoin, which fell 3.7%, and coffee, which declined 3.2%.

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National currencies moved higher, but all other asset classes were mixed. The largest gains were in coffee and crude oil, which rose 8.4% and 5.0% respectively. The largest losses were in silver, which fell 4.4%, and gold stocks, which declined 3.7%.

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Stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies were higher, while national currencies and commodities were mixed. The largest gains were in Bitcoin and coffee, which rose 7.3% and 4.9% respectively. Gold stocks were another standout, rising 2.6%. The largest losses were in cotton, which declined 0.7%. The US Dollar gained 0.3%.

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Most assets moved higher, but each class (except cryptocurrencies) had a loser. The largest price swings were in commodities, as crude oil and cotton gained 5.0% and coffee fell 4.1%.

National currencies had only one decliner, the Japanese Yen, which closed off 0.2%. Although not in the table, the strongest currency I follow was the British Pound Sterling, which soared 4.6%. The Canadian Dollar came in second, rising 2.3%. USD cash was much stronger than it's bonds, rising 1.4% while the short term SHY added 1.0% and the long term TLT fell 2.5%.

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Bonds were higher, cryptocurrencies much lower, and all other asset classes were mixed. Ethereum had the largest drop, falling 19.2% to give up all of last week's gains. Bitcoin's slide accelerated, as it closed the week at 172.3 grams, down 18.3%. Coffee gained 3.4%, the biggest increase of the week. Palladium was the runner-up, rising 2.3%.

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Bonds reversed course this week, recovering some of last week's losses, but all other asset classes were mixed. Ethereum was once again the best performing asset, rising 20.5%, followed by gold stocks, which gained 7.0%. The worst losses were in commodities, as coffee fell 4.2% and copper slid 3.4%.

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Bonds fell again this week, with the so-called "safe haven" long term TLT plunging 6.3%, the largest drop of any asset. Most others rose, led by Ethereum, which gained 8.0%, and cotton which added 7.8%. Although the major stock markets moved higher, gold stocks continued to fall, dropping 5.9%.

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National currencies, cryptocurrencies and equities fell, led by Bitcoin which dropped 13.6%, giving back most of its gains for the last month. Bonds and commodities were mixed, with the largest gains in TLT, the long term bond fund, which rose 3.1%. Outside of the cryptos, the largest losses were in coffee, down 5.7%, and platinum, off 4.6% to a new all-time low of 17.1 grams.

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Stocks and commodities moved lower, while all other asset classes were mixed. Bitcoin made the largest gains, rising 5.0%. The biggest losses were in palladium and cotton, which dropped 10.6% and 9.3% respectively. We seem to be seeing a shift away from high-flying assets towards relative "safe havens" like gold, Bitcoin, and long term treasury bonds. New safe haven options are coming soon, including gold bonds (more on that below.)

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