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January 26, 2010

Greg @ 12:39 pm #

what is this based on?

February 8, 2010
December 9, 2010

bethv @ 4:43 am #

Hi, If historically the value in USD of platinum has been greater per oz why is it not rising in tandem with gold (on a relative basis.) Is gold becoming relatively more valuable or will it be just a matter of time before platinum settles into its old pattern once gold has found its stride? Thanks & love your website- really puts thing into perspective! Beth

June 18, 2011

Pat @ 5:17 am #

Hi again Charles, have you considered pricing Palladium in gold? Many thanks!

June 20, 2011
June 27, 2011

Pat @ 6:40 am #

Hey Charles,

hmm.. just a little poking around and I see what you mean. Best I could find is: but not sure if you can access the data. They show palladium prices from '71 thru '05 (though the chart titles imply that they are only through 2002), and a gold/palladium ratio chart is also provided.

I'm not sure why there's no recent data, but perhaps your other sources could fill that in. Even if so, it's still likely to require more work than for your other charts. In any case, thanks for trying.


March 1, 2012

Steve @ 3:26 am #


Hi. The Perth Mint published palladium data back to 1995.

Cheers, Steve

April 14, 2020

anonymous @ 2:41 pm #


The prices in London. It says there right in the chart: "Daily London PM fix".

December 17, 2020

van simmons @ 7:28 am #

i hope this finds you well, i love this site and have for a quite a while.
i think of you everytime i see bitcoin jumping in price. stay well. Call me if you are ever in town and need someone to have coffee with


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