This week, stocks were higher, bonds were lower, and other asset classes were mixed. The biggest moves were in commodities, as platinum rose 3.5% and coffee dropped 2.9%. Ethereum continued to take a pummeling, falling 2.8% on top of the prior week's 23% loss.

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This was a pretty lack-luster week. National currencies, bonds and commodities were mixed, while cryptocurrencies and most equities were sharply lower. The largest gains were in coffee, up just 0.9%. The largest losses were in Ethereum, which fell 23% this week, leaving it down 46% in the last month.

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This week national currencies were lower, while other asset classes were mixed. The largest gains were in palladium, up 4.6%, and Bitcoin, which rose 4.3%. Coffee, off 3.2%, and gold stocks, down 2.8%, saw the largest losses.

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National currencies, bonds, and major stock indexes were higher, while cryptocurrencies and commodities were mixed. The largest gain was in Bitcoin, which rose 9.7% while most other major cryptos were falling. Gold stocks fell 8.2%, the largest drop for any asset class, and the only equity to close lower.

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Currencies and bonds were higher, stocks and commodities were mixed. Cryptocurrencies were hit hard, as Ethereum fell 10.4% and Bitcoin dropped 8.4%. The largest gains were in the S&P 500 stock index which rose 1.4%.

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This was a good week for stocks and cryptos, a bad week for bonds, and a mixed week for currencies and commodities. The biggest changes were in commodities, as copper rose 6.2% and coffee dropped 4.7%. Ethereum closed the week up 3.3%, but the crypto markets fell hard over the weekend, with Ethereum down 12% on Sunday.

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It was generally an up week for currencies and bonds, but mixed for cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities. The largest swings were in commodities, with cotton climbing 5.3% and crude oil falling 2.4%.

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National currencies, cryptocurrencies, and bonds were all lower this week, while equities and commodities were mixed. Ethereum dropped the most, giving up 14.5% for the week. Palladium saw the largest gain, rising 3.1%.

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This week, commodities and currencies (national and crypto) were mixed, bonds were lower, and equities were mostly higher. Crude oil saw the largest price increase, rising 3.0%. Bitcoin fell the most, down 5.0%, but cotton was close behind, dropping 4.8%. Gold stocks made the second largest gains, rising 1.9%.

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Digital tokens rose strongly, while other asset classes were mixed. Ethereum made the largest gains, rising a whopping 49.6% to close at 17.0 grams, while Bitcoin ended in second place, up 9.3%. Copper was in third place, rising 4.9%. The largest losses were in coffee, which fell 1.8% for the week, while the EURO STOXX 50 dropped 1.5% and platinum fell 1.4% to close at 21.9 grams per ounce, a new all-time low.

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