Weekly Update 11 Oct 2019

Most assets moved higher, but each class (except cryptocurrencies) had a loser. The largest price swings were in commodities, as crude oil and cotton gained 5.0% and coffee fell 4.1%.

National currencies had only one decliner, the Japanese Yen, which closed off 0.2%. Although not in the table, the strongest currency I follow was the British Pound Sterling, which soared 4.6%. The Canadian Dollar came in second, rising 2.3%. USD cash was much stronger than it's bonds, rising 1.4% while the short term SHY added 1.0% and the long term TLT fell 2.5%.

Cryptocurrencies had a fairly quiet week, moving gradually higher. Ethereum rose to 4.0 grams on Wednesday and Thursday, then finished at 3.8 grams, for a gain of 4.5%, and Bitcoin peaked at 178.7 grams on Thursday, then pulled back to close the week at 175.0 grams, up 2.8%.

The only falling equity asset was the HUI gold stock index, down 2.1%. The Euro STOXX gained 4.6%, and the Dow Jones Industrials rose 2.3%.

Crude oil and cotton rose 5.0% each, the largest gains of any assets this week. Copper also did well, adding 4.0%. The only falling commodity was coffee, which dropped 4.1%, the largest loss of any asset. Silver gained 1.3%, closing at 370 mg/oz.

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