Market Update 26 Oct 2012 – Treasuries up, Bitcoin down


Government issued currencies were little changed this week, with the USD strongest, up 1.2%. The USD continues to trade very close to its Half-Life curve, now 2.0% above the projected value.  Bitcoin (BTC) however, got slammed, plummeting 11.3% for the week to finish at 186.9 mg. In trading over the weekend the BTC recovered slightly, to 193.7 mg.

While Bitcoin was the weakest asset, long term US treasury bonds were the strongest..  TLT rose 2.0% to 2.22 g, while SHY moved up 1.2% in line with the USD. 

Conventional equities were all down, but only slightly; the Nikkei was weakest, off 0.7%.  Gold stocks were the only equities in the plus column, with the HUI rising 0.3%..

Commodities were all lower this week, led by cotton, which gave up about half of last week's gains (down 4.6%) and crude oil, which lost 3.0% to close at 1.56 g/bbl.

Bitcoin priced in gold

TLT priced in gold

Table of prices in gold for week ending 10/26/2012

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