Declare Your Independence

Today, in addition to relaxing with family and friends and planning a pyrotechnic orgy for this evening, I've been reading Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence, and updating the charts here on the Priced in Gold site. I've also been listening to Harry Browne's "How to Rule Your World" audio course, which I highly recommend.

As a result of all of these activities I want to offer a suggestion: Choosing your own money is a great place to start your search for personal independence!

Money is the universal substitute for the other resources you will need to pursue the happiness and liberty you desire, and that pursuit is your unalienable right.

You must expend your limited resources to gain for yourself as much happiness as possible, and often this will be done through the use of money as an intermediary. Along the way, you will have to weigh alternatives, to see what the costs and benefits of various courses of action are, and money is often used to quantify these costs and benefits.

Be sure you are making the best decisions possible, by using the best form of money available to you… Through the centuries, gold has been chosen more often than any other form, because it is durable, divisible and cannot be created at whim.

Regardless of the character (or lack of it) of the currency in circulation around you, you can choose gold as your personal money, for use in reckoning accounts, measuring value, and saving for the future. Doing so will set you on a path to independence that would make our forefathers proud!

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