New chart: US Home Prices

Today I added a chart of US median sales prices for existing homes in gold grams, covering the years 1968 to 2006.  Data for this chart comes from the National Association of Realtors via the widely respected site.  As you can see, homes were a real bargain in 1980, but have been falling since 2002, losing almost 16% of their value.

Other charts were also updated to Friday August 3 closes.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the week at 611.14, dropping 6.2% from it's recent peak of 652.01 on July 17th, compared with a 5.6% drop in US dollar terms.  Silver has been drifting lower over the course of 2007, closing at .601 grams on Friday.  Uranium has dropped sharply in July, ending the month at 5.608 grams, down 13.1% from last month's high of 6.455 grams.


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