Stocks caught a break this week, recouping some of their losses from the prior week. The largest price swings were in commodities, as crude oil sank 6.5% and platinum rose 5.1%. Bitcoin and Ethereum were lower, but only by 1.2%.

The only falling national currency was the Japanese Yen, off 1.3%. The Chinese Yuan rose the most, gaining 0.7%. The US Dollar was little changed, rising just 0.1%. Short term bonds were unchanged, while long term bonds fell 2.2%.

Bitcoin and Ethereum both fell early in the week, then each recovered to finish the week down 1.2%. DASH followed a similar pattern. Cryptocurrencies continue to be about as volatile as national currencies, and less so than commodities and equities.

Stock indexes all rose this week, recovering some of the prior week's losses. The Japanese Nikkei 225 gained the most, adding 3.6%. Gold stocks were 3.5% higher. The smallest gains were made by the Dow Jones Industrials, up 2.5%.

Most commodities were higher, with crude oil, down 6.5%, being the exception. Platinum rose more than any other asset class, gaining 5.1%. Copper and palladium also had good weeks, rising 2.3% and 2.1% respectively. Coffee and cotton trailed the pack, adding 0.5% apiece.

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A lower week for most assets, with stocks taking the brunt of the losses, especially gold stocks which fell 7.5%. The largest rises were in long term bonds, up 0.6%, and the Japanese Yen, which rose 0.5%. Cryptocurrencies had a quiet week, closing down, but about in line with most national currencies.

The Yen was the only rising currency (up 0.5%) and the Euro had the largest losses, falling 1.6%. USD cash fell 0.5%, while 1-3 year bonds fell 0.3% and 20+ year bonds rose 0.6%.

Bitcoin fell 0.3%, outperforming all national currencies except the Yen. Ethereum dropped 0.6%, beating the Euro and CNY, and on par with the CAD.

Stocks took the heavy damage this week, led by the HUI gold stocks, which dropped 7.5%. The Japanese Nikkei was off 5.5%, the second largest drop. The Dow Jones Industrials were the best performers, falling 3.4%.

Commodities were mixed, with Crude Oil falling 2.7% and coffee dropping 2.5%, while cotton rose 0.3% and palladium gained 0.2%. Platinum lost 1.7% and silver was little changed, rising 0.1%.

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A lower week for all assets except cryptocurrencies and two standouts: coffee, which continues to soar (up another 4.1%) and gold stocks, which rose 0.8%. The largest declines were in crude oil, which fell 3.8%, and the Nikkei Index, which was off 1.7%.

National currencies were all lower, led by the Canadian Dollar and Chinese Yuan, which dropped 1.3% each. The USD fell least, giving up 0.7%. 1-3 year bonds also fell 0.7%, in line with USD cash, and 20+ year treasuries were 1.3% lower.

Cryptocurrencies were broadly higher this week. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin rose early in the week, then gave back some of those gains as the week progressed. In addition to Ethereum's 2.9% rise and Bitcoin's 2.4% gain, privacy coins like ZCash, Zcoin and PIVX also rose.

Gold stocks gained 0.8%, but all the major stock indexes were lower, led by the Nikkei 225, which fell 1.7%. The Dow Jones Industrials fell least, giving up 0.3%.

Commodities saw the largest price swings, as coffee rose another 4.1% on top of the prior week's 5.6% gain, and crude continued to fall, dropping another 3.8% after the prior week's 5.3% drop. Metals were all lower, led by copper, off 1.5%. Palladium and silver dropped the least, falling 0.5% and 0.6% respectively.

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This was a "mostly lower" week, with currencies, bonds and cryptos falling, while stocks and commodities were mixed. The largest drops were in cryptocurrencies, as Ethereum fell 14.7% and Bitcoin dropped 6.5%. The largest gains were in coffee, up 5.6%, and gold stocks, which gained 5.5%.

Most national currencies fell, with the Canadian Dollar, off 2.0%, dropping the most. The Japanese Yen was the only one to rise, and then only by 0.1%. Bonds were all lower, with the USD (notes of zero maturity) falling 1.3%, 1-3 year dropping 1.2%, and 30+ year off 0.1%.

Bitcoin held it's value quite well until Wednesday, then dropped sharply on Thursday and Friday, ending the week at 160 grams, down 6.5%. Ethereum followed a similar pattern, hitting a high of 6 grams on Monday and Tuesday, then collapsing on Thursday to a low of 4.9 grams, and recovering to finish the week at 5.0 grams, off 14.7%.

Equities were highly polarized, as gold stocks rose 5.5% while all major stock indexes fell sharply. The largest drops were in the US, as the DJIA and S&P 500 each fell 5.4%.

Coffee was the fastest rising commodity, gaining 5.6%. Crude oil saw the largest losses, falling 5.3%. Silver was also took a hit, dropping 1.5%. Copper was little changed, up 0.2%, while platinum and palladium rose 0.4% and 0.8% respectively.

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This week, cryptocurrencies were much less volatile than bonds, stocks and commodities. The largest losses were in long term bonds, off 4.7%, while the biggest gains were in coffee, up 4.9%. Bitcoin, in contrast, finished the week down 1.7%.

National currencies were all lower, led by the Euro, which fell 2.3%. The USD, CAD, and CNY fell least, dropping 1.4% each (the CNY price is estimated, since the Shanghai Gold Exchange was closed all week for national holiday). Bonds were also lower, with the short term SHY falling 1.5%, and the long term TLT dropping a whopping 4.7%, the largest drop in any asset class… and this is supposed to be the "risk free" asset?

Bitcoin, often a highly volatile asset, fell gradually early in the week, hitting a low of 168.4 grams on Wednesday, the recovered to finish the week at 171.1 grams, off 1.7%. Ethereum got a boost over the weekend, then fell to a Wednesday low of 5.71 grams, recovering to end the week at 5.84 grams, up 0.9%.

Major stock indexes were lower; the HUI gold stocks bucked this trend, rising 0.3% for the week. The Euro STOXX50 fell the most, dropping 3.6%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell the least, giving up 1.4%.

Commodities were mixed, with coffee in the starring role, rising 4.9%, the largest gain of any asset in this table. Palladium fell 4.3%, the second largest loss of the week. Copper continued its decline, giving up 2.6%. Crude oil was little changed, up 0.1%, and silver managed a 0.9% gain.

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This week, bonds were higher, cryptos were lower, and other asset classes were mixed. Palladium was the big winner, rising 5.7%. Ethereum fell the most, dropping 8.9%, giving up about half of the prior week's 16.8% gain.

National currencies were mostly higher, with the exceptions being the Euro, off 0.3%, and the Japanese Yen, which was unchanged. The Chinese Yuan gained the most, rising 1.2%. Short term bonds and USD cash rose 1.0% while long term bonds added 1.1%.

Bitcoin moved lower early in the week, closing at 166.8 grams on Tuesday, then rallied to finish the week at 174.1 grams, off 0.4%. Ethereum followed a similar pattern, closing at 5.6 grams on Wednesday, followed by a weaker rally to close at 5.8 grams, down 8.9%.

The Nikkei 225 was the strongest equity index, rising 1.1%. The Euro STOXX fell the most, dropping 1.1%. The S&P 500 added 0.4% while the Dow Jones Industrials were off 0.1%.

The week's biggest gains were all in commodities, as palladium gained 5.7%, crude oil spiked 4.5%, and coffee rose 3.5%. Cotton was the weakest commodity, falling 2.6%.

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This week, stocks were higher, bonds were lower, and other asset classes were mixed. The biggest moves were in commodities, as platinum rose 3.5% and coffee dropped 2.9%. Ethereum continued to take a pummeling, falling 2.8% on top of the prior week's 23% loss.

The strongest national currency was Canada's Loonie; the CAD rose 0.7%. Weakest was the Japanese Yen, which fell 1.1%. The USD dropped 0.3%, as did its short term bonds. Long term treasury bonds fell 0.7%.

Bitcoin stumbled early in the week, but then rose steadily to finish at 168.5 grams, up 0.5%. Ethereum fell to a low of 4.77 grams on Wednesday, but recovered to close at 5.48 grams, down 2.8%.

Stocks had a very good week, with the Dow Jones Industrials and the HUI gold stocks rising 0.7% – the weakest performance for the indexes tracked here. The Japanese Nikkei rose the most, gaining 2.4%. The Euro STOXX 50 also had a good week, adding 2.0%.

As mentioned above, commodities saw the largest price swings, as platinum, which has been hovering near its all-time lows, gained 3.5% to close at 20.8 grams, and coffee dropped 2.9%, edging out Ethereum for the title of worst performer overall. Crude oil was strong, rising 1.6%. Silver was unchanged for the week.

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This was a pretty lack-luster week. National currencies, bonds and commodities were mixed, while cryptocurrencies and most equities were sharply lower. The largest gains were in coffee, up just 0.9%. The largest losses were in Ethereum, which fell 23% this week, leaving it down 46% in the last month.

The US Dollar rose more than any other national currency, gaining 0.3%. The Canadian Dollar was weakest, falling 0.6%. Short term bonds rose 0.2%, while long term bonds fell 1.9%.

Bitcoin rose early in the week, closing at 192.3 grams on Tuesday, then fell to finish the week at 167.8 grams, off 7.8%. Ethereum also started the week on a rising note, but was hit hard on Wednesday and Friday, and ended the week down 23%.

The Dow Jones Industrials where the only stocks in the black this week, and then, only by 0.1%. Gold stocks took the worst beating, as the HUI fell 4.6% to close at 3.53 grams. Next weakest was the Euro STOXX 50, off 3.2%.

Silver dropped 2.9% this week, the largest of the commodity losses. Crude oil wasn't far behind, though, falling 2.6%. Coffee was the strongest commodity, gaining 0.9%. Platinum made a series of new all-time lows this week, closing at 20.117 grams per ounce on Wednesday, before rallying slightly to close the week at 20.132 grams, down 1.7%.

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This week national currencies were lower, while other asset classes were mixed. The largest gains were in palladium, up 4.6%, and Bitcoin, which rose 4.3%. Coffee, off 3.2%, and gold stocks, down 2.8%, saw the largest losses.

National currencies were all lower, led by the Chinese Yuan which closed down 0.5%. The Japanese Yen fell the least, dropping just 0.1%. The US and Canadian Dollars each fell 0.4%. SHY, the short term bond fund, also dropped 0.4%, while TLT, the long term bond fund, fell 0.6%.

Bitcoin worked its way higher throughout the week, closing near its weekly high at 182 grams, up 4.3%. It has continued to rise since, closing Tuesday at 192.3 grams. Ethereum has oscillated between 7.1 grams and 7.6 grams, but ended the week at 7.3 grams, off 0.4%. As of Tuesday, it was trading at 7.5 grams.

Japanese shares gained more than any other equities as the Nikkei rose 1.1%. Gold stocks were the worst performers: the HUI fell 2.8%. The European STOXX were also hit hard, dropping 2.8%. The S&P 500 rose 0.5%.

The commodities sector had both the largest gains (palladium, up 4.6%) and the largest losses (coffee, down 3.2%) among all asset classes. Copper fell 2.2%, while crude oil gained 1.2%. Silver was little changed, down 0.2%. Platinum was up 0.4%, but still hovers just above its all-time lows.

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Bonds and national currencies were lower, with the exception of the Euro, which managed a 0.3% rise. Other asset classes were mixed. Crude oil and Palladium rose the most, gaining 2.6% and 2.5% respectively. Ethereum had the largest losses, falling 11.8%.

The Yen fell more than any other currency, giving up 2.3%. After the Euro, the best performing currency was the Chinese Yuan, which fell 1.0%. USD cash and short term US bonds dropped 1.6%, while long term bonds were off 0.5%

Bitcoin fell early in the week from 173.7 grams to 165.7 grams, then worked its way higher to close at 174.5 grams, up 0.5%. Ethereum began the week at 8.3 grams and dropped to a low of 7.1 grams on Wednesday, then recovered to close at 7.3 grams, 11.8% lower for the week. Many other major cryptos did even worse; for instance DASH lost 14.5% for the week.

Among the equities, European stocks were the star performers, rising 1.5%. Gold stocks also did well, gaining 1.4%. The Dow Industrials were the worst performers, giving up 1.1%.

Crude oil and palladium gained 2.6% and 2.5% respectively, outpacing all other assets. Silver had the largest decline of any commodity, dropping 1.9%. Platinum finished the week at 20.4 grams per ounce, down 0.7%, and just 0.1% above its all-time low.

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