Due to the New Years holiday, this was another short trading week. Cryptocurrencies rose, bonds fell, and all other asset classes were mixed. The largest gains were in Bitcoin, which continued to climb, adding another 18.3% and closing at a new all-time high of 484 grams. Ethereum was not far behind, rising 15.8%. Copper (down 2.0%) and the HUI gold stocks (off 1.1%) had the largest losses.

National currencies were mostly lower; only the Canadian Dollar posted a gain, and that was a meager 0.1%. The US Dollar fell the most, dropping 0.7%. The Chinese Yuan and Japanese Yen fell 0.3% each. Short term treasury notes tracked USD cash, sliding 0.7%, but long term bonds did a bit better, holding their loss to 0.4%.

Cryptocurrencies were on fire, as Bitcoin rose 18.3% to a new all-time high, and Ether gained 15.8%. Over the weekend, both pushed even higher. The broader index of 30 cryptos added 7.9%.

Equity markets were mixed, with the Japanese Nikkei the clear winner, rising 2.6%; the S&P 500 trailed, gaining 0.8%. Gold stocks were down 1.1% and the European STOXX fell 0.9%.

Outside of the cryptos, platinum was the best performer, rising 3.8%. Silver rose 1.9% and cotton gained 1.7%. Copper fell 2.0%, the week's largest loss. Crude oil and palladium were also losers, but declined just 0.2% apiece.

Looking back on 2020, we see that the cryptocurrencies had by far the largest gains, as Ether rose 352.2% and Bitcoin gained 227.4%. Silver and copper were the only other assets in the black for the year, with gains of 17.8% and 0.7% respectively. Crude oil and coffee were the year's worst performers, falling 36.9% and 20.6%. In third place was the US Dollar, down 19.8%. I will be putting together a more comprehensive report on 2020 soon.

Wishing you all an excellent and happy 2021!

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Due to the Christmas holidays, this was a short trading week. Bonds rose, but all other asset classes were mixed. The largest gains were in Bitcoin, which continued to climb, adding another 6.9%, followed by coffee and long dated treasury bonds, which rose 0.9% apiece. Ether (down 4.1%) and the CCi30 crypto index (off 3.3%) had the largest losses.

National currencies were quiet ahead of the holiday, as USD cash rose 0.3%, the Yen was unchanged, and the Canadian Dollar and Chinese Yuan declined 0.3%. Short term notes tracked USD cash, rising 0.3%, but long term bonds gained 0.9%, making them one of the week's best performers.

The week's biggest price swings were in cryptocurrencies, as Bitcoin was the best and Ethereum the worst performing asset class. Bitcoin rose 6.9% to 409.2 grams and continued rising through the weekend, hitting a high of 469 grams on Sunday before settling back to 436 grams. Ether fell to a low of 9.68 grams on Wednesday, then recovered to close at 10.39 grams, down 4.1%.

US equity indexes were in the black, but Europe and Japan were in the red. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.3%, and the Euro STOXX and Japanese Nikkei each fell 0.4%. Gold stocks were down 0.5%.

Copper fell 1.5% and crude oil declined 1.4%; coffee rose 0.9%. Precious metals were mixed, as palladium and silver added 0.3% and 0.2% respectively, while platinum fell 1.3%.

Year over year, cryptocurrencies dominate on the upside, as Ether has risen 283.7% and Bitcoin is up 168.0%. Outside of cryptos, silver has been the star performer, rising 16.0%. Crude oil still shows the worst loss, down 37.7%, followed by coffee, off 23.0%. The US Dollar is in third place in the race to the bottom, with a loss of 21.0%.

Wishing you all happy holidays, and an excellent New Year!

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Bonds and most national currencies moved higher while cryptocurrencies and stocks pulled back; commodities were mixed. The largest gains were in cotton, up 3.5%, and coffee, up 3.4%. The CCI30 crypto index (down 4.9%) and platinum (off 4.8%) had the largest losses.

The Euro, down 0.2% was the only national currency in the red. The Japanese Yen and Canadian Dollar outperformed, rising 0.3%. The US Dollar added 0.1%, as did its short term notes. Long term bonds did extremely well, rising 2.4%, the third largest gain for the week.

Cryptos were broadly lower, pulling back after the prior week's big runup. Bitcoin fared the best, retreating 3.4%. The broader index of 30 cryptos fell 4.9%, the largest loss of the week. By the weekend, however, Bitcoin was on the rise again.

Stocks were all lower, led by the Euro STOXX index, down 1.3%. The Japanese Nikkei (off 0.1%) and the HUI gold stock index (off 0.2%) outperformed the other equities. The S&P 500 fell 0.9%.

The largest price swings were in commodities. Coffee and cotton rose 3.5% and 3.4% respectively. Precious metals saw losses, as platinum fell 4.8% and silver dropped 1.7%.

Year over year, cryptocurrencies continue to dominate, with Ether up 196.8% and Bitcoin up 99.2%. Silver earns an honorable mention, rising 15%. The year's largest losses are in crude oil, down 36.2%, and coffee, down 27.6%. Third place goes to the US Dollar, off 20.4%.

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National currencies, bonds, and major stock market indexes fell, while cryptocurrencies rose and commodities were wildly mixed. The largest gains were in platinum, up 9.0%, and Ether, up 6.2%. Coffee and long term bonds had the largest losses, falling 7.6% and 6.4% respectively.

National currencies were all in the red, led by the Japanese Yen, down 3.6%, and the US Dollar, off 3.5%. The Chinese Yuan outperformed, sliding just 0.9%. Short term notes tracked USD Cash, dropping 3.5%, but long term bonds took a major hit, falling 6.4%, the second largest loss this week.

Cryptocurrencies had a good week, as Ether rose 6.2% and Bitcoin gained 5.5%. Some smaller cryptos did even better; Monero (XMR, a privacy-focused coin) soared 10.1%. The index of 30 large cap cryptocurrencies managed a 0.9% gain.

Gold stocks rallied 0.4%, but all the major stock indexes in the table fell. Japan's Nikkei 225 dropped 3.2%, and the Dow Industrials closed down 2.5%. The S&P 500 was off 1.8%. One positive note was the UK FTSE 100 (not in table) which rose 0.3%.

Commodities saw both the week's largest losses and largest gains; platinum soared 9.0%, and coffee fell 7.6%. Cotton dropped 4.6%, and silver rose 2.2%. Crude oil and copper, both bellwethers for the economy, were relatively quiet; crude was off 0.8% and copper was up 0.7%.

Year over year, cryptos far outpaced all other asset classes, as Ethereum rose 208.4% and Bitcoin rose 106.4%. Honorable mention goes to silver, for a 14.5% gain. Crude oil and coffee fell the most, giving up 35.9% and 21.5% respectively. In third place we have the US Dollar, down 20.0% over the last year.

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Every asset in the table moved higher except Bitcoin and gold stocks, which declined 3.1% and 0.3% respectively. The largest gains were in commodities, as crude oil soared 13.9% and coffee roared 13.4% higher. Third place went to the CCi30 crypto index, which rose 10.8% despite the losses in Bitcoin, it's largest component.

Among national currencies, the Euro performed best, rising 6.3%, followed closely by the Canadian Dollar, which rose 6.2%. The Chinese Yuan lagged behind its peers, adding 3.3%. US Dollar cash and short term notes gained 5.4%, while long term bonds added 4.6%.

Bitcoin took a little breather from its recent meteoric rise, pulling back 3.1%, but much of the crypto-sphere was on fire; Ether rose 7.0% and the broader universe of the 30 largest cryptos closed up 10.8%. Even after its decline this week, Bitcoin remains above its 2019 highs.

Gold stocks fell 0.3%, but the major stock indexes were all higher, led by the Nikkei which rose 9.8%. US stocks underperformed, adding 7.7% for the Dow and 7.8% for the S&P 500.

Commodities were all higher, led by crude oil rising 13.9% and coffee gaining 13.4%. Silver was the weakest commodity, adding just 0.9%.

Year over year, cryptos dominate with Ethereum up 184.0%, and Bitcoin up 85.7%. Silver bullion and gold stocks earn honorable mentions, rising 10.9% and 9.6% respectively. The worst losses were in crude oil, down 36.3%, followed by the US Dollar, off 18.3%.

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National currencies and bonds reversed course and joined cryptocurrencies and major stock markets in heading higher; commodities were mixed. The biggest gains were in crude oil, which rose 10.9%, and European stocks, which added 10.1%. Although major stock indexes were in the black, gold stocks fell 6.5%, the largest loss this week. Silver was in second place, declining 3.5%.

The Chinese Yuan and the US Dollar led the national currencies higher, rising 2.8% and 2.6% respectively. The Japanese Yen lagged behind, gaining 1.3%. Short term notes tracked USD cash, but long term bonds underperformed, adding just 1.8%.

Cryptos were strong again, but not strong enough to dominate the winners list. Bitcoin led the way higher, rising 7.6% to 268.4 grams. Ether was close behind, gaining 7.1%, and the broader index of 30 coins added 5.5%.

Gold stocks fell 6.5%, the week's largest loss, but all other stock indexes were in the black. The European STOXX rocketed higher, gaining 10.1%, and the Dow Industrials rose 6.8%.

Silver and palladium were the only commodities in the red. Silver fell 3.5%, and palladium declined 2.3%. Crude oil was the week's largest winner, rising a massive 10.9%. Coffee also outperformed, gaining 4.8%.

Year over year, the cryptocurrencies dominated all other assets, as Ether rose 95.1% and Bitcoin gained 43.3%. The largest losses, by far, were in crude oil, down 45.6%. Second place was a tie between the US Dollar and the Euro STOXX, each down 22.6%.

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National currencies and bonds fell, stocks and cryptocurrencies rose strongly, and commodities were mixed. The biggest gains were in cryptos, as Ether rose 15.2%, and Bitcoin gained 11.4%. Cotton fell 3.5%, while the US Dollar and its short term notes fell 3.0%, the largest losses this week.

The US Dollar and Chinese Yuan were the weakest national currencies, falling 3.0% and 2.6% respectively. The Canadian Dollar outperformed by declining 0.8%. Short term notes followed USD cash, closing down 3.0%, but long term bonds did better, declining only 1.8%.

Cryptocurrencies were very strong, as Ethereum gained 15.2% and Bitcoin rose 11.4%. This strength was mostly concentrated in the largest cryptos, however. The broader index of 30 coins, the CCi30, managed only a 5.5% gain.

Stocks also had a good week, with all the indexes tracked in the table closing in the black. Gold stocks and the European STOXX led the way, rising 6.7% each. The Dow Industrials underperformed their peers, but still added 3.6%.

Among the commodities, palladium and silver were the star performers, rising 6.6% and 5.8% respectively. Cotton fell 3.5%, and coffee declined 0.7%; they were the table's only commodities in the red.

Year over year, the top places to be are Ethereum (up 84.3%) and Bitcoin (up 27.3%). Third place goes to gold stocks, which gained 23.6%. Major stock indexes, bonds, and national currencies were all in the red, but the largest losses were in crude oil, which dropped 49.5%. The Euro STOXX were in distant second place, falling 28.7%.

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Bonds moved higher, stocks and commodities declined, and currencies (both national and crypto) were mixed. The biggest gains were in Bitcoin, which rose 6.0%, and the Chinese Yuan, which gained 1.5%. Crude oil plunged 9.3% and the Euro STOXX fell 7.9%, the largest losses this week.

Asia led the national currencies on the upside, as the Chinese Yuan gained 1.5% and the Japanese Yen rose 1.4%. Europe lagged, declining 0.4%. The US Dollar rose 1.2%, as did its short term notes. Long term bonds gained 0.9%.

Bitcoin worked its way higher throughout the week, closing at 223.9 grams, up 6%. Ether zig-zagged lower, ending the week at 6.33 grams, down 5.5%. The CCi30 index of the 30 largest cap cryptos closed off 2.9%.

All the equities in my table finished lower, but the Nikkei outperformed its peers by dropping just 0.9%. The Euro STOXX, down 7.9%, saw the largest loss of any asset this week. The Dow Industrials were off 5.4% and the S&P 500 closed down 4.5%.

The only "bright spot" in the commodities was coffee, which managed to close unchanged; all others lost ground. Crude oil fell 9.3%, and platinum and palladium were hit hard, dropping 6.0% and 5.9% respectively. Copper held up relatively well, declining just 1.5%.

Year over year, the cryptocurrencies are clearly in the driver's seat, as Ether rose 58.9% and Bitcoin gained 16.7%. Gold stocks were not far behind, adding 16.3%. National currencies, bonds, and the major stock indexes are all deep in the red, but the worst performer continues to be crude oil, down 48.6%, with the Euro STOXX in second place, off 32.2%.

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Currencies and bonds moved higher, but other asset classes were mixed. The biggest gains were in cotton, which rose 4.4%, and Bitcoin, which gained 3.2%. Palladium fell more than any other asset, dropping 3.9%. Coffee was in second place, declining 2.9%.

The Japanese Yen was the strongest national currency, rising 1.2%. The US Dollar was next best, gaining 1.0%. The Euro was the weakest, adding just 0.1%. Short term notes tracked USD cash, advancing 1.0%, but long term bonds did much better, rising 1.8%.

Bitcoin rose 3.2%, the second largest gain in this week's table. Monero (not in table) did far better, soaring 13.9%. Ether rose 1.0%, but the broader 30 crypto index fell by 0.2%.

US stock markets rose, led by the S&P 500 which gained 1.1%. Gold stocks underperformed, falling 1.0%, as did the Euro STOXX, which dropped 0.9%. The Dow Industrials added 1.0%.

The week's big price moves were mostly in commodities, as cotton rose 4.4% and palladium fell 3.9%. Crude oil added 1.7% and coffee dropped 2.9%. Silver was up 1.1%.

Looking back over the last year, Ethereum and gold stocks continue to be the dominant winners, gaining 57.7% and 28.2% respectively. Crude oil and the Euro STOXX were the worst performing assets, falling 40.3% and 25.6% respectively.

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This was a pretty good week as long as you weren't in currencies or bonds. The biggest gains were in crude oil, which rose 8.5%, and palladium, which gained 4.9%. Long term bonds fell more than any other asset, dropping 2.7%. The Japanese Yen was in second place, declining 1.3%.

National currencies were mixed but mostly lower. The Canadian Dollar was the exception, rising 0.3%. The Yen fell 1.3%, and the US Dollar declined 1.1%. the Chinese Yuan is listed as unchanged because the Shanghai Gold Exchange was closed for a week of national holiday. Short term notes tracked USD cash, declining 1.1%, but long term bonds fell 2.7%, the largest loss in any asset in this table.

Cryptocurrencies rose strongly, with Ethereum (up 4.5%) leading the way. Bitcoin gained 3.6% and the broader index of the 30 largest cryptos added 3.4%. Some smaller cryptocurrencies outperformed the majors. For instance, Monero (not in table) rose 11.8%.

Stocks moved higher, led by the HUI gold stock index, which gained 3.7%. The Japanese Nikkei underperformed its peers, but still added 1.2%. The S&P 500 rose 2.8%.

Commodity price action was mostly bullish; only platinum closed lower for the week, down 0.9%. Crude oil rose sharply, gaining 8.5%, and palladium was also strong, rising 4.9%. Silver was a bit lackluster, adding 0.8%.

Looking back year over year, Ethereum and gold stocks remain the best performing assets, rising 57.5% and 25.0% respectively. Crude oil has the worst record, falling 39.5%. The US Dollar is in second place, giving up 21.6% of its value.

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