Cryptos and bonds were mixed, but other asset classes moved lower. The broad index of 30 cryptos, up 7.2%, and Bitcoin, up 2.9%, were the week's best performers. Palladium dropped the most, falling 13.5%. Crude oil also had a bad week, declining 9.5%.

Among the national currencies, the Canadian Dollar and Chinese Yuan fell the most, dropping 3.1% and 1.9% respectively. The Japanese Yen and US Dollar were the best performers, giving up 0.2% and 0.3%. Short term notes fell 0.3% in line with USD cash, but long term bonds rose 1.1%.

In crypto, the smaller coins outdid the large caps, as the CCi30 gained 7.2%, the week's strongest performance for any asset. Bitcoin rose 2.9%, but Ethereum lagged, falling 1.4%.

Stocks were all in the red, but gold stocks fell the most, dropping 6.1%. The S&P 500 fell the least, declining 0.9%.

Commodities saw the worst of the week's carnage. Palladium fell 13.5% and crude oil dropped 9.5%, the largest declines of any assets. Silver did better than any other commodity in the table, sliding 1.1%.

Year over year, there are only two assets in the red: gold stocks, down 24.6%, and silver, down 6.6%. Everything else is in the green, but by far the greenest pastures are in crypto land, where Ether is up 800.5%, and the CCi30 crypto index is up 392.4%. Outside of crypto, coffee, up 62.9%, and crude oil, up 57.2%, are the best performers.

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Cryptos rose, bonds fell, and other asset classes were mixed. The broad index of 30 cryptos, up 19.6%, and Ethereum, up 14.2%, were the week's best performers. Silver dropped the most, falling 6.9%. Gold stocks also underperformed, dropping 2.4%.

The Chinese Yuan was the best performing national currency (and the only one in the green, up 2.2%). The US Dollar dropped the most, falling 0.6%. Short term treasury notes also fell 0.6%, but long term bonds did better, closing off just 0.1%.

Cryptocurrencies went on a tear, with the smaller caps leading the way. The CCi30 index rose 19.6%, while Ethereum and Bitcoin worked their way higher to close up 14.2% and 10.9% respectively. These moves came in spite of a stream of news that many would call negative, including a major protocol hack and increasing calls for crypto regulation in the US.

The only equity market in the red was the HUI gold mining stock index, which closed down 2.4%, the second largest drop this week. The European STOXX50 led the gainers, rising 0.9%. The Dow Industrials added 0.2%.

Coffee was the best performing asset outside of cryptos, rising 3.2%. Cotton and platinum also were in the green, adding 2.2% each. Silver was the week's worst performer, falling 6.9%. Copper was little changed, down 0.1%.

Year over year, only gold stocks (down 15.8%) and silver (down 2.4%) are in the red. Cryptocurrencies outperform all other asset classes, as Ethereum has risen 825.3% and the 30 crypto index is up 366.5%. The second best place to be is commodities, where crude oil is showing a 77.6% gain and cotton is up 64.1%. The S&P 500 is the best performing equity index, gaining 45.2%. The US Dollar has risen 9.6%, but is eclipsed by the Canadian Dollar (up 15.8%) and the Chinese Yuan (up 12.5%).

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Gold stocks fell and commodities were mixed, but all other assets moved higher. Ethereum, up 21.4%, the CCi30, up 9.5%, and cotton, up 6.2%, were the week's best performers. Crude oil dropped the most, declining 4.2%.

The US Dollar led the national currencies higher, rising 3.6%. The Chinese Yuan lagged behind, gaining 1.4%. Treasuries underperformed USD cash, as short term notes rose 3.5% and long term bonds added 2.5%.

Cryptocurrencies continued their climb, led by Ethereum, which rocketed 21.4% higher as the new "Ethereum 2.0" protocols came into effect. Bitcoin also had a good week, gaining 5.0%. The broader 30 crypto index split the difference, adding 9.5%.

Gold stocks fell 1.7%, but other equities were in the green. The Japanese Nikkei led the way higher, gaining 5.1%, and was followed by the Euro STOXX, which rose 4.8%. The Dow Industrials lagged, adding "just" 4.4%.

Commodities were mixed, with crude oil falling 4.2% and platinum declining 1.1%, while cotton surged 6.2% and palladium rose 3.7%. Silver added 1.5% and copper gained 0.3%.

Year over year, only gold stocks are lower (down 16.0%). Cryptos have been the best performers, especially Ethereum, which rose 736.4%. Crude oil, up 90.0%, is the strongest asset outside of crypto. Coffee and copper also had an excellent year, up 76.4% and 74.4% respectively.

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Cryptocurrencies roared higher, national currencies and bonds fell, and equities and commodities were mixed. Bitcoin gained 24.0% and the CCi30 crypto index rose 15.7%. Gold stocks added 4.2%. The largest losses were in coffee, down 6.4%, and platinum, off 4.3%.

National currencies were all lower, led by the US Dollar, down 1.4%, and the Chinese Yuan, off 1.1%. The Canadian Dollar and Euro outperformed their peers, falling just 0.6% each. Short term notes fell 1.4% in line with USD cash, but long term bonds did better, dropping 0.8%.

Cryptos went on a tear, led by Bitcoin, which climbed steadily throughout the week to end at 719.5 grams, up 24.0%, and its highest price since May 17th. ETH also rose steadily, ending up 14.4%. The broad index of 30 cryptos gained 15.7%.

Major stock markets were all in the red; gold stocks were the sole exception, but they did very well, climbing 4.2%. Among the equities, the Dow Industrials and the S&P 500 had the largest losses, falling 1.8% each.

Most commodities were in the red, with crude oil (up 0.9%) and copper (up 0.2%) being the exceptions. The worst losses were in coffee, down 6.4%, and platinum, off 4.3%. Silver declined 0.2%.

Year over year, every asset is in the green except gold mining stocks (down 13.6%) and long term bonds (off 5.0%). Cryptos, especially Ethereum (up 728.5%), have risen strongly. Crude oil (up 98.3%) and coffee (up 66.9%) rose the most outside of crypto. The S&P 500 showed the most gains of any equity market (up 45.2%)

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Equites and commodities were mixed, but all other assets were in the green. The largest drop was in platinum, which fell 3.9%. Coffee continued to rise strongly, adding 18.7%, and Ethereum rebounded to close the week up 14.5%.

All national currencies were higher, led by the Canadian and US Dollars (up 1.5% and 1.4% respectively). The Japanese Yen lagged behind, rising 0.9%. Treasuries outperformed USD cash; short term notes were up 1.5% and long term bonds were up 1.6%.

It was a wild week for the cryptos. Bitcoin fell to a low of 508.6 grams on Tuesday before rocketing higher to close at 580.4 grams, up 8.3%. Ethereum followed a similar trajectory, but rose even higher, finishing up 14.6%.

Gold stocks fell 1.0% and the Japanese Nikkei dropped 0.7%, but other equity indexes rose. The S&P 500 gained 3.4%, and the European STOXX50 added 3.0%.

Platinum fell 3.9% and silver declined 2.3% (the week's worst performers) but other commodities moved higher. Coffee was the strongest asset overall, rising 18.7% to beat out even Ethereum! Copper also did well, adding 3.1%.

Year over year, only gold mining stocks, down 18.2%, and long term bonds, off 7.5%, are in the red. Crypto continue to dominate, with Ethereum up 734.2% and the broad index of 30 cryptos up 288.2%. Outside of crypto, commodities were the place to be, as copper rose 83.5% and crude oil gained 83.2%. The DJIA was the best performing stock market index, rising 37.3%.

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Bonds and commodities were mixed, but other assets moved lower. The largest drops were in cryptocurrencies, where the broad index of 30 cryptos fell 13.4% and BTC dropped 8.0%. Coffee, which rose 5.4%, and platinum, which gained 3.0%, were the week's best performers.

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A very rough week for the markets; every asset closed lower except copper, which rose 0.5%. The largest drops were in Japanese stocks, which fell 3.0%, coffee, which dropped 2.1%, and crude oil, which declined 1.9%.

The Japanese Yen outperformed the other national currencies by closing almost unchanged. The Canadian Dollar and the Chinese Yuan took the largest hits, falling 1.9% and 1.4% respectively. US Dollar cash closed down 1.1%. Short term notes were off 1.0% and long term bonds were down just 0.1%.

The broad index of 30 cryptos fell 1.7%. Ethereum spent most of the week in the green, reaching a high of 40.4 grams before settleing lower to close at 37.0 grams, down 1.3%. Bitcoin followed a similar path, peaking early in the week at 614.5 grams, falling to 565.7 grams on Thursday, and recovering to close the week at 582.1 grams, off 1.4%.

US stock markets were the best equity performers, as the S&P 500 declined 0.7% and the Dow Industrials gave up 0.9%. The worst losses were in the Nikkei 225, down 3.0%, and the HUI gold stocks, down 1.6%.

Copper, up 0.5%, was the weeks outstanding asset. Coffee, down 2.1%, and crude oil, down 1.9% were the weakest commodities. Silver was also weak, falling 1.7%.

Year over year the picture is much brighter: only gold stocks, down 13.8%, long term treasury bonds, off 10.9%, and the Japanese Yen, down 2.3%, are in the red. On the plus side of the ledger, cryptocurrencies continue to dominate, especially Ether, which is up 772.7%. Commodities are also very strong, especially crude oil, up 88.8%, and copper and coffee, up 53.9% each.

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Cryptocurrencies and bonds bounced higher, but other asset classes were mixed. The largest gains were in Ethereum, up 18.6%, and the CCi30 crypto index, up 8.0%, followed by palladium, which rose 5.5%. The week's worst performers were coffee, which fell 2.6%, and the Euro STOXX50, which declined 1.5%.

The US Dollar was the best performing national currency, closing almost unchanged (up just 0.03%). All others closed lower, led by the Euro which finished down 0.9%. Treasuries outperformed cash, with short term notes adding 0.1% and long term bonds rising 2.3%.

Cryptocurrencies had a good week; ETH hit a high of 40.1 grams, a gain of 27.1%, before pulling back to close at 37.4 grams, up 18.6%. Bitcoin was the laggard, gaining 15.4% to a high of 635.5 grams before finishing the week up 7.2%.

Stocks were mixed, with US indexes up (1.7% for S&P 500, and 1.1% for the Dow Jones Industrials) and European and Japanese indexes down 1.5% and 1.4% respectively. Gold stocks were somewhere in the middle, up 0.5%.

Palladium was the strongest commodity, rising 5.5%, and coffee was the weakest, falling 2.6%. Platinum fell 0.9% while silver rose 0.2%.

Year over year, cryptocurrencies are still the big winners, as Ethereum gained 822.4% and the index of 30 cryptos added 359.2%. The largest losses were in long term treasury bonds, down 10.6%, and gold stocks, off 7.7%. Commodities were all in the green, and outside of crypto, saw the biggest gains: crude oil surged 84.0%, and copper rose 55.9%.

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Gold stocks and metals moved lower, but energy, agricultural commodities, stocks, bonds and cryptos were in the green. The largest gains were in long term bonds, up 8.6%, and crude oil, up 7.2%. The week's worst performers were gold stocks, which fell 6.4%, and palladium, which dropped 2.9%.

National currencies moved up strongly, led by the US Dollar (up 6.1%) and the Japanese Yen (up 5.6%). The Canadian Dollar and the Euro lagged their peers, rising 3.5% and 3.9% respectively. The rising Dollar set bonds on fire, sending the long term bond fund TLT up 8.6%, and dragging short term notes up 5.9%.

Cryptocurrencies were in the green though not as strongly as the nationals. Most of the gains were in the smaller names; the broad index of 30 cryptos rose 2.4%, while Bitcoin gained 1.7%, and Ether added 0.6%.

Gold stocks were the only declining equities, falling 6.4%, the worst loss of the week. Japanese stocks had the largest rally, rising 5.7%. The Dow Industrials trailed its peers, gaining 2.4%, but was barely outperformed by the Euro STOXX50, which rose 2.5%.

Commodities were mixed: metals fell, but everything else rose. Palladium (down 2.9%) and copper (off 2.8%) took the largest hits. Silver was relatively buoyant, giving up just 0.5%. On the plus side, crude oil soared 7.2%, and cotton rose 2.9%.

Year over year, bonds are still in the red, along with the USD and JPY; everything else is in the green. Long term bonds are down 11.8% even after this week's stellar performance. The second worst asset has been the Yen, which has declined 6.1%. Cryptocurrencies have massively outperformed all other asset classes; in particular, Ethereum has risen 831.4%. Outside of crypto, crude oil (up 78.9%) and copper (up 55.8%) have put up the best gains.

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Bonds rose, but all other asset classes were mixed. The largest losses were in Ethereum, down 12.0%, the 30 crypto index, down 10.4%, and the Chinese Yuan, off 2.4%. The week's best performers were silver, up 3.4%, and crude oil, up 2.4%. Long term bonds came in third, gaining 2.2%.

The only falling national currency was the Chinese Yuan, which declined 2.4%. The US Dollar was strongest, adding 0.5%. Short term notes also rose 0.5%, but long term bonds climbed 2.2%.

Bitcoin fell to a low of 549.9 grams on Tuesday, but recovered to close the week at 617.3 grams, up 1.7%. Other cryptos didn't fare as well…the broad index of 30 cryptos fell 10.4%, and Ethereum worked its way lower through the week, ending down 12.0%.

The best performing stock markets were in Europe, as the STOXX50 rose 1.1%, and in the US, with the S&P 500 rising 0.9%. Gold stocks, down 1.4%, and the Dow Industrials, off 0.3%, were the weakest markets.

The week's best performing assets were commodities, as silver rose 3.4% and crude oil gained 2.4%. Coffee, down 2.1%, and palladium, off 1.4%, were the under-performers.

Year over year, Bonds are in the red, cryptos, commodities, and stocks are all in the green, and national currencies are mixed. Cryptocurrencies are the best performers, especially Ether, which is up 770.8%. Crude oil and copper gained 80.3% and 62.1% respectively. Among the equities, the Euro STOXX, up 32.4%, and the S&P 500, up 30.7% have gained the most. The largest losses have been in long term bonds, down 18.7%, and the Japanese Yen, down 10.2%. The US Dollar is in third place, down 7.6%.

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