Stocks and crypto currencies rallied, while bonds fell. National currencies and commodities were mixed, but mostly higher. The CCi30 crypto index rose the most, gaining 13.0%. Coffee and long term bonds were the biggest losers, falling 1.9% and 1.5% respectively.

The Euro was this week's strongest national currency, up 0.6%, followed by the Canadian Dollar, up 0.4%. The Japanese Yen, down 0.5%, was weakest. The USD rose 0.1%, but bonds underperformed cash; long term bonds dropped 1.5%, while short term notes declined 0.1%.

Cryptocurrencies were the week's best performers. The broad 30 crypto index gained 13.0%. Bitcoin rose 10.2%, but still remains below the 1 kg level, at 875.7 grams.

Stocks were all in the green, led by gold stocks, up 2.6%, and the Euro STOXX, up 2.4%. The Japanese Nikkei was the weakest index, up 0.8%. The Dow Industrials rose 1.7% while the S&P 500 added 2.3%.

The only declining commodity was coffee, down 1.9%. Palladium was the best performer, rising 6.4% and closing back above parity with gold at 32.6 grams. Crude oil was the next strongest, rising 4.3%. Platinum also was strong, gaining 4.0%. Silver was little changed, up 0.2% at 0.391 grams per ounce.

Year over year, cryptocurrencies are still outperforming all other assets, with Ether up 620% and the 30 crypto index up 249%. Outside of crypto, coffee, up 90.7%, and crude oil, up 58.9%, are the best performers. Palladium has the worst track record, losing 15.7% of it's value, followed by gold stocks, which are down 11.1%. Next week we will look more in depth at the overall results from 2021.

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National and crypto currencies moved lower, while bonds rose. Stocks and commodities were mixed, but mostly lower. Bitcoin fell the most, dropping 3.7%. Gold stocks and silver bullion were the biggest winners, rising 2.3% and 1.8% respectively.

All national currencies fell, but the Canadian Dollar fell the most, dropping 2.4%. The Chinese Yuan and US Dollar fared best, declining 1.4% and 1.5%. Bonds moved higher, with gains of 1.4% for long bonds and 0.1% for short term notes.

Cryptocurrencies continued to slide, although at a slower rate than last week. On Monday the 12th, Bitcoin hit a high of 875 grams before working to lower to close the week at 795 grams, down 3.7%. The broader index of 30 cryptos dropped 2.6%.

Stocks were mostly lower, but gold stocks bucked the trend, closing up 2.3%, making them the week's best performing asset. The Euro STOXX index underperformed its peers, falling 2.2%. The Dow Industrials closed down 1.7%.

The only rising commodity was silver, with a gain of 1.8%. The weakest commodities were Crude oil, down 2.7%, and platinum, off 2.6%. Coffee turned in a relatively strong performance, giving up ust 0.2%.

Year over year, cryptocurrencies continue to dominate, with Ethereum up 524.7% and the 30 crypto index up 197.6%. The next best category is commodities, with coffee up 94.9% and crude oil up 53.3%. The year's worst losses are in palladium, down 20.0%, and gold stocks, down 15.7%.

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Commodities and equities were mixed, while national currencies, cryptos, and bonds all were in the green. Ethereum, up 6.7%, and the 30 crypto index (up 5.6%) had the largest gains, followed by long term bonds, which rose 4.6%. Cotton, down 4.5%, and silver, off 3.6%, had the largest losses.

National currencies were all higher, led by the US and Canadian Dollars, up 1.9% apiece. The Chinese Yuan lagged, but still posted a healthy 1.4% gain. Short term notes underperformed cash, rising 1.8%, but long term bonds soared 4.6%.

Bitcoin was the weakest crypto currency, gaining 1.9%, and remaining below the 1 kg level. Ether was the leader, rising 6.7%. The broad CCi30 rose 5.6%.

Stocks were mixed, with the Euro STOXX index gaining 1.5%, while gold mining stocks fell 2.1%. The only other falling index was the Nikkei, which closed down 0.7%.

Commodities were very mixed, as palladium rose 2.7%, but cotton fell 4.5%. Silver also took a beating, dropping 3.6%. Copper added 1.5% while crude oil closed down 0.9%.

Year over year, crpytos are still the leaders, with ETH up 627.4% and the broad CCi30 up 272.4%. Outside of crypto, coffee, up 110.7%, and cotton, up 59.3% are the best performers. Palladium, down 21.7%, and gold stocks, off 13.3% had the largest losses.

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National currencies and bonds moved lower, but other asset classes were mixed. Gold stocks, up 2.1%, had the largest increase, while crude oil, down 4.2%, and Bitcoin, off 3.6%, had the largest declines.

The Chinese Yuan, off 0.1% was the strongest national currency, while the Euro, down 3.0%, was the weakest. The US Dollar dropped 1.8%. Short term treasury notes did slightly better, falling 1.6%. Long term bonds outperformed, closing down 0.6%.

The broad crypto market as measured by the CCi30 index advanced 1.1%, while Bitcoin consolidated between it's recent high and the 1 kg level, finishing at 1,055.2 grams, off 3.6%. Ethereum made a new all-time-high of 81.3 grams on Wednesday, then pulled back to close the week down 0.2%.

Stock markets had a good week, with only the Dow Industrials closing lower by 0.4%. Gold stocks took the lead, rising 2.1%, while the the Japanese Nikkei gained 1.1%.

Commodities were mixed, but most of the action was to the downside. Crude oil fell 4.2%, the largest drop of any asset in the table. Silver close down 2.6%, and copper closed off 2.4%. Palladium rose 0.9%, and platinum was little changed.

Year over year, the table is mostly green. Cryptos have been the best performing asset class, led by Ether, up 1,076.5%, and the CCi30, up 513.4%. Crude oil is up 126.1% and coffee has risen 107.3%. The worst declines have been in gold stocks, down 19.4%, and palladium, off 9.3%.

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Reversing colors again, this week is mostly in the green. Ethereum made the largest gains, rising 13.7% to a new all-time high of 77.6 grams. Cotton also did very well, adding 8.4%. The weakest assets were platinum, down 2.9%, and gold stocks, off 2.1%.

The only declining national currency was the Chinese Yuan, down 0.3%. The US Dollar showed the most strength, gaining 2.2%. Short term notes followed suit, also gaining 2.2%, while long term bonds outperformed, rising 4.7%.

Cryptos were very strong, especially Ethereum, which rose 13.7% to a new all-time high of 77.6 grams. The broader crypto market followed; the CCI30 index added 6.4% and Bitcoin advanced 4.8% to just shy of 1.1 kg, hovering about 5% below its all-time high.

Stocks had a deceptively good week, with the DJIA and S&P 500 making new all-time highs in US Dollar terms. Priced in gold, only the HUI gold stocks were in the red, falling 2.1%, and the S&P 500 rose 3.6% to a 15 year high… but that's still 53% below its all-time high of 173.1 grams set in July of 1999. The DJIA gained 2.6% to close at 629.7 grams, but failed to surpass its August high of 636.5 grams, and sits 55% below its 1999 all-time high of 1,393.2 grams.

The commodity sector was mixed, with cotton rising 8.4% and platinum falling 2.9%. Copper declined 0.7% while silver gained 0.9%. Coffee rose 4.3% and crude oil finished 2.0% higher.

Year over year, only four assets are in the red: gold stocks, down 14.6%, palladium, down 5.5%, the Japanese Yen, off 2.9%, and long term treasury bonds, off 0.6%. The biggest winners are, of course, cryptos. Ether beat all other assets, climbing 1,100.6% to a new all-time high, and the broader 30 crypto index gained 502.3%. Outside of cryptos, the best gains are in crude oil, up 144.3%, and coffee, up 106.1%. The best performing stock index is the Euro STOXX, which gained 49.8%.

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In a reversal of last week's "mostly green" theme, this week is mostly red; only silver (up 2.5%), the Chinese Yuan (up 0.9%), and Ethereum (up 0.8%) finished higher. Palladium and copper fell the most, dropping 6.9% and 6.8% respectively. Bitcoin pulled back 3.4% after making new all-time highs, but remained above the 1.0 kg level.

The Chinese Yuan was the strongest (and only rising) national currency, adding 0.9%. The US Dollar was the weakest, dropping 2.0%. Treasury bonds did even worse, as short term notes declined 2.1% and long term bonds fell 2.6%.

Cryptocurrencies had a wild ride. Bitcoin rose to a new all-time high of 1,154 grams before pulling back to close at 1,044 grams, off 3.8%. Ether also made a new all-time high of 72.7 grams, but closed the week with only a small gain, up 0.8%.

Stocks were all in the red, with the Nikkei 225 taking the largest hit (down 2.5%). Gold stocks held up the best, giving up just 0.3%. The Dow Industrials and the S&P 500 dropped 0.9% and 0.4% respectively.

Silver was the best performing asset this week, rising 2.5%, but the rest of the commodity complex was in the red. Hardest hit were palladium (down 6.9%) and copper (down 6.8%). Crude oil declined 0.2%.

Year over year, most assets are in the green, led by the crypto space. ETH is up 977.2%, and the broader 30 crypto index is up 454.7%. Outside of crypto, the best performers are crude oil, up 116.7% and coffee, up 96.9%. Gold stocks show the largest loss, falling 16.2%. Palladium is 10.3% lower. The only other assets in the red are the JPY, down 3.0% and long term bonds, off 2.2%.

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Cryptocurrencies rose and bonds fell; national currencies and stocks were mixed but mostly lower, while commodities were mixed but mostly higher. Bitcoin, up 11.1%, and Ether, up 6.8%, made the largest gains. The largest losses were in long term bonds, down 3.3%, and coffee, off 2.2%.

I'm moving this week… Some commentary may be missing or minimal!

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Stocks and bonds fell, cryptocurrencies rose, and national currencies and commodities were mixed. Ether, up 12.2%, and Bitcoin, up 11.7%, made the largest gains. The largest losses were in the Nikkei, down 5.4%, the Euro STOXX, down 4.1%, and silver, off 3.1%.

The Chinese Yuan was the only rising national currency, gaining 0.3%. The Euro took the worst beating, falling 1.6%. The US Dollar dropped 0.6%; short term treasuries outperformed cash, falling 0.5%, but long term bonds did much worse, retreating 1.6%.

Cryptocurrencies were all in the green, led by Ether, which rose 12.2%. Bitcoin did nearly as well, moving up 11.7%, while the broader 30 crypto index added 9.4%.

Equity markets all moved lower. The Japanese Nikkei index took the largest hit, falling 5.4%, followed by the European STOXX, which dropped 4.1%. Gold stocks outperformed, giving up 1.5%. In the US, the Dow declined 1.9% while the S&P 500 fell 2.8%.

Commodities were mixed, with metals down and soft goods and energy up. Cotton rose 8.3% and coffee added 4.4%, while silver fell 3.1% and copper lost 2.8%. Crude oil closed up 2.0%.

Year over year, most assets are in the green. The exceptions are gold stocks, down 24.9%, palladium, down 11.4%, and long term treasuries, off 2.3%. Cryptos are still the best performers, as ether has risen 886.6% and the broad 30 crypto index is up 449.6%. Outside of crypto, crude oil, up 112.1%, and coffee, up 106.3% are the largest winners. The S&P 500 is the best performiong stock index, gaining 39.5%.

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Cryptocurrencies moved lower; national currencies, stocks, bonds and commodities were mixed. Coffee, up 4.8%, and cotton, up 4.5%, made the largest gains. The largest losses were in Ether, down 13.3%, and the CCi30 crypto index, off 11.5%.

The Chinese Yuan was the best performing national currency (up 1.9%), while the Japanese Yen was the worst (down 0.1%). The US Dollar gained 0.5%. Short term notes underperformed cash, rising 0.4%, and long term bonds did much worse, falling 1.0%.

Ethereum started the week on an upnote, but collapsed on Monday and Tuesday, dropping 19.5% to 48.5 grams before recovering to close at 52.2 grams, down 13.3%. News of yet another Chinese crypto crack down, along with fear of a Chinese real estate melt-down seemed to be the key drivers. Bitcoin (and many other cryptos) followed a similar pattern, but BTC fell less and recovered more robustly, ending the week at 762.8 grams, off 8.9%.

Gold stocks fell 2.5% and the Japanese Nikkei index closed down 1.0%, but other equity indexes moved higher by about one percent. The Dow Industrials did slightly better than its peers, adding 1.1%.

The week's biggest winners were commodities, as coffee rose 4.8%, cotton gained 4.5%, and crude oil rallied 3.3%. Outside of crypto, palladium was the week's largest loser, closing down 3.5%. Silver also declined, giving up 1.0%; the rest of the metals did better, as platinum added 2.2% and copper rose 1.5%.

Year over year, only gold stocks (down 23.5%), palladium (down 6.4%) and long bonds (off 3.9%) are at a loss. Cryptos are still the strongest asset class by far, especially Ether, which is up 880.7%. Aside from crypto, crude oil (up 95.6%), and coffee (up 86.4%), are the best performers.

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Cryptocurrencies, national currencies, and bonds moved higher; stocks and commodities were mixed. Ether, up 8.2%, and Bitcoin, up 7.6%, made the largest gains. Crude oil finished in third place, rising 5.5%. The largest losses were in palladium, down 6.0%, and copper, off 2.5%.

The US Dollar was the strongest currency, gaining 2.2%. The Chinese Yuan was the weakest, adding just 0.2%. Short term notes tracked USD cash, adding 2.2%, but long term bonds did better, rising 2.7%.

Ether rose to a high of 63.5 grams on Thursday, then pulled back to close at 60.2 grams, up 8.2%. Bitcoin followed a similar pattern, topping out at 850.3 grams, but closing at 837.3 grams, up 7.6%. The broader 30 crypto index added 5.0%.

Gold stocks pulled back 0.2%, but all other stock indexes moved higher. The Japanese Nikkei took the lead, rising 2.5%, followed by the Dow Industrials, which gained 2.1%. The Euro STOXX lagged its peers, adding 1.0%.

Commodities were very mixed, with crude oil rising 5.5% while palladium dropped 6.0%. The entire metals complex was lower; copper fell 2.5% and silver slid 2.1%.

Year over year, cryptos remain the star performers, especially Ethereum, which has risen 938%. Gold stocks are the worst performing asset, falling 25%. Outside of the crypto complex, crude oil and coffee, up 93.7% and 74.2% respectively, are the strongest assets. Silver and palladium are the only other assets in the red, with declines of 5.1% and 4.8% for the year.

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