Counter-party Risk

Stocks and commodities moved lower, while all other asset classes were mixed. Bitcoin made the largest gains, rising 5.0%. The biggest losses were in palladium and cotton, which dropped 10.6% and 9.3% respectively. We seem to be seeing a shift away from high-flying assets towards relative "safe havens" like gold, Bitcoin, and long term treasury bonds. New safe haven options are coming soon, including gold bonds (more on that below.)

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National currencies and bonds were higher, commodities were lower, and stocks and digital tokens (cryptocurrencies) were mixed. The biggest gains and losses were both in digital tokens, as Bitcoin fell 9.8% to finish the week at 62.6 grams (about 2 troy ounces) while Ethereum rose 33.4% to close at 9.2 grams. In equities, the US markets rose, while Europe and Asia fell. Gold stocks also resumed their downward trend, falling 4.3%, the second largest drop after Bitcoin.

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The only serious declines this week were in precious metals and gold stocks. The largest gains were once again in Bitcoin, which rose 11.7% to a new all-time high of 32.7 grams, so that 1 BTC can now buy more than one ounce of gold. Gold stocks again fell more than any other asset-class, dropping 5.1% to close at 4.9 grams. The Dow Jones Industrials were headline news again, as the the Dow broke through the 21,000 mark as measured in US Dollars. More on the Dow and Bitcoin stories below.

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Things stabilized a bit this week, with mixed results for most asset classes as investors sorted through the debris of the coming political sea-change in the US. The largest swings were in commodities, with silver the week's biggest loser, down 9.3%, and cotton and crude oil the week's biggest winners, up 7.9% and 7.5% respectively.

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