Dow Jones Industrials

Equities, cryptocurrencies, and most commodities moved higher; bonds declined, and national currencies were mixed. The largest drops were in long term bonds, down 1.8%, and the US Dollar, off 1.1%. The best performers were ethereum, up 11.8% and cotton, up 11.4%. Coffee was in third place, rising 7.1%.

Cryptocurrencies rallied, bonds and most national currencies fell, while stocks and commodities were mixed. Crude oil gained the most, rising 7.8%. The CCi30 crypto index was in second place, advancing 6.7%, and cotton was in third, adding 6.1%. Long bonds fell the most, dropping 4.5%, followed by the Japanese Yen, down 3.2%, and platinum, off 3.1%.

Precious metals and gold stocks rose, all other assets moved lower. Platinum gained the most, rising 3.1%, followed by the HUI gold stocks, which added 3.0%. Cryptocurrencies had the largest losses, with bitcoin falling 8.7% and ether dropping 8.0%.

Cryptourrencies and stocks moved higher, but other asset classes were mixed. Ether was the best performer, rising 16.1%. The CCi30 crypto index was in second place, gaining 8.9%. The largest losses were in long term bonds, down 3.6%, and palladium, off 2.7%.

Gold stocks and cryptocurrencies moved higher; national currencies, bonds, and major stock indexes fell, while commodities were mixed. The broad 30 crypto index was the best performer, rising 3.9%, followed by crude oil, up 3.7%. Palladium fell the most, dropping 3.4%, followed by the Dow Industrials, off 2.5%.

Looking back over 2021, cryptocurrencies were the stand-out winners, while precious metals and gold mining stocks were the biggest losers. Click through for more details.

National currencies and bonds moved lower, but other asset classes were mixed. Gold stocks, up 2.1%, had the largest increase, while crude oil, down 4.2%, and Bitcoin, off 3.6%, had the largest declines.

Reversing colors again, this week is mostly in the green. Ethereum made the largest gains, rising 13.7% to a new all-time high of 77.6 grams. Cotton also did very well, adding 8.4%. The weakest assets were platinum, down 2.9%, and gold stocks, off 2.1%.

In a reversal of last week's "mostly green" theme, this week is mostly red; only silver (up 2.5%), the Chinese Yuan (up 0.9%), and Ethereum (up 0.8%) finished higher. Palladium and copper fell the most, dropping 6.9% and 6.8% respectively. Bitcoin pulled back 3.4% after making new all-time highs, but remained above the 1.0 kg level.

Stocks and bonds fell, cryptocurrencies rose, and national currencies and commodities were mixed. Ether, up 12.2%, and Bitcoin, up 11.7%, made the largest gains. The largest losses were in the Nikkei, down 5.4%, the Euro STOXX, down 4.1%, and silver, off 3.1%.

Cryptocurrencies moved lower; national currencies, stocks, bonds and commodities were mixed. Coffee, up 4.8%, and cotton, up 4.5%, made the largest gains. The largest losses were in Ether, down 13.3%, and the CCi30 crypto index, off 11.5%.