Podcast: Gold, Yield, and the End of the Dollar – Part 2


This podcast is a continuation of my 30-July-2015 interview with Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals and president of the Gold Standard Institute USA.

In the first part, we discussed the ultimate fate of the dollar. In this episode, we look at the true purpose of the Fed, the limits of central bank power, and then examine investments and speculations that allow us to profit from today's economic situation.

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Resources for further study:

Resonance and Feedback
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Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report

Last week we saw gold stock and platinum prices hit new all-time lows and bounce sharply. Silver continued to fall, but still has a way to ge before making new lows. Please remember that I update a Weekly Summary on the site each weekend. Check it out for the latest commentary on major asset classes.

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September 1, 2015

Baron @ 4:25 am #

Great interview. Very interesting. Lots to think about.

As a UK listener I'm curious that most things 'priced in gold' seem to lose their value in terms of gold. In the UK an average house cost GBP 1900 in 1955. Now in 2015 an average house costs GBP194,000. This seems to go against the usual trend in "Priced In Gold" doesn't it?

September 3, 2015

Baron @ 11:21 pm #

What was the problem with my UK housing comparison to Gold?

I'd like to know.

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