Podcast: Gold, Yield, and the End of the Dollar – Part 1


This podcast is a recording of a conversation I had on July 30th with economist Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals and president of the Gold Standard Institute USA. We intended to chat for about 20 minutes, but wound up talking for almost an hour and a half! Due to the length, I’ve broken it up into two parts.

In part one, we discuss the simultaneous signs of deflation and inflation in the world economy, how this came to be, and where this process is taking us. We also discuss possible solutions, including ending the Fed, “mending” the Fed, linking the dollar to gold, and why none of these solutions will succeed. We also talk about an exit strategy for the dollar that could actually work.

Audio MP3

Download Podcast Part 1 (36:20, 17.4MB)

Resources for further reading:

The Theory of Interest and Prices in Paper Currency

In the next podcast, we will discuss the half-life of the dollar, the dollar's recent rise, the true purpose of the Fed, and just how much power central bankers really have. Then we turn the discussion to investments and speculations. Be sure to tune in for part two!

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