Currencies and bonds rose this week, while stocks and commodities were mixed. The strongest asset class was crude oil, which gained 9.8%, while the weakest was silver, which lost 1.2%.

Among the currencies, Bitcoin made the largest gains, rising 2.4%. The USD and EUR rose 1.2% each, and even the weakest currencies, the CNY and CAD, gained 0.8%. Short term treasuries tracked the dollar's 1.2% gain while long term treasury bonds gained 1.7%.

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This podcast is a continuation of my 30-July-2015 interview with Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals and president of the Gold Standard Institute USA.

In the first part, we discussed the ultimate fate of the dollar. In this episode, we look at the true purpose of the Fed, the limits of central bank power, and then examine investments and speculations that allow us to profit from today's economic situation.

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This podcast is a recording of a conversation I had on July 30th with economist Keith Weiner, CEO of Monetary Metals and president of the Gold Standard Institute USA. We intended to chat for about 20 minutes, but wound up talking for almost an hour and a half! Due to the length, I’ve broken it up into two parts.

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This week, government currencies and bonds were higher, while stocks and commodities were mixed. Long term treasuries, represented by TLT, had some of the largest gains both for the last week and the last month, but it may be time to sell – more on that later in this update. Bitcoin and the HUI gold stocks have been the weakest asset classes for the last week and the last month, with silver and platinum also hit hard. Coffee continues to be one of the strongest performers, over the last week, month and year.

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I'm getting calls to the Priced in Gold hotline, emails, questions from friends – all asking the same thing: "Have you seen the 2011 Berkshire Hathaway annual report and Warren Buffet's comments about gold?"

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On December 6th, US stocks, with the wind of a strong USD at their backs, poked their heads above their lows of 2009 for the second time this year.  The previous attempt was short lived… Will this one fair better?

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Today the USD hit a new all-time low of 20.02 mg. What more is there to say? Until real interest rates turn positive, or the US economy shows signs of real recovery, the appeal of the dollar is very limited. With the end of QE2 in sight, the Fed is faced with a tough dilemma: go for another round of money creation with QE3, or see the economy really start to fall apart around it. The true question is not "if" there will be more quantitative easing, but "how soon and how much".

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With fiat currencies all over the world being manipulated by central banks, prices are being distorted beyond all recognition. Successful investing requires having a good idea what things cost, and what they are really worth – and using the world's oldest and most stable form of money, gold, to compare prices is one way to get that insight. Below you'll find a sample of prices measured in grams or milligrams (1/1000 of a gram) of gold.

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The last time we talked about the Dow Jones Industrials "breaking through" the 11,000 level was back in April. After spending about 15 days above the 11,000 mark, the Dow sank back below 10,000 in June, and again in July, after which it began working higher, bringing us to 11,006 on Friday, a level which just barely held in Monday's trading, closing at 11,010.

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