Only bonds were lower this week; other asset classes were mixed. Still, the biggest moves were all to the downside, as coffee fell 3.4%, gold stocks dropped 2.1%, and long term bonds declined 1.5%. Copper had the largest gains, rising 1.3%.

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Cryptos and stocks moved higher, while currencies, bonds and commodities were mixed. The largest gains were in Bitcoin, which soared 23.6%, and Ethereum, which rose 16.8%. Palladium fell a further 2.2% to close at 32.6 grams/oz, the largest loss of the week for the second week in a row.

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Commodities and equities were mixed, but all other asset categories were higher. The largest gains were in Ethereum, which soared 5.2%, but copper also rose strongly, adding 4.7%. Palladium plunged 9.5% to close at 33.4 grams/oz, just above parity with gold, the largest loss for the week.

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All asset categories were mixed this week. The largest gains were in platinum, which rose 2.0%, but long term bonds and Japanese stocks also outperformed, rising 1.9% each. Coffee continued to fall, giving up 4.6% for the week's biggest loss. The Euro STOXX 50 was also hit hard, dropping 3.2%.

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Cryptocurrencies and bonds were higher while other asset categories were mixed. The largest gains were in gold stocks, which advanced 4.5%, and long term bonds, which rose 3.9%. Platinum fell 4.1%, the week's biggest loss.

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National currencies and major stock markets were higher, cryptocurrencies lower, and bonds and commodities were mixed. The largest gains were in the PGMs, as palladium rose 6.2% and platinum gained 5.3%. The worst losses were in Ethereum, which gave back some of last week's massive gains, closing down 7.3%, and gold stocks, which fell 4.4%.

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National currencies and bonds were lower, stocks were mixed, and cryptocurrencies and commodities were higher. In some cases, much higher! Ethereum surged 21% to close at 3.5 grams, and copper rose 4.4%. The largest losses were in the 20+ year treasury bonds, which fell 1.3%.

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National currencies and bonds were lower, major stock indexes were higher, and cryptos were mixed… but the big price moves were in commodities. Crude oil soared 5.7% while coffee and cotton fell 4.3% and 3.3% respectively. Platinum dropped to another new all-time low, while palladium gained 3.0% to reach a new 15-year high.

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Cryptocurrency prices turned sharply higher at the end of the week, leaving Ethereum up 11.2% and Bitcoin up 5.4%. Bonds were also higher, but other asset classes were mixed. Crude oil and platinum saw the largest losses, as crude fell 4.3% and platinum dropped to a new all-time low of 18.9 grams, down 2.9%.

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A lower week for most assets, with stocks taking the brunt of the losses, especially gold stocks which fell 7.5%. The largest rises were in long term bonds, up 0.6%, and the Japanese Yen, which rose 0.5%. Cryptocurrencies had a quiet week, closing down, but about in line with most national currencies.

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