Weekly Update 17 Sep 2021

Cryptocurrencies, national currencies, and bonds moved higher; stocks and commodities were mixed. Ether, up 8.2%, and Bitcoin, up 7.6%, made the largest gains. Crude oil finished in third place, rising 5.5%. The largest losses were in palladium, down 6.0%, and copper, off 2.5%.

The US Dollar was the strongest currency, gaining 2.2%. The Chinese Yuan was the weakest, adding just 0.2%. Short term notes tracked USD cash, adding 2.2%, but long term bonds did better, rising 2.7%.

Ether rose to a high of 63.5 grams on Thursday, then pulled back to close at 60.2 grams, up 8.2%. Bitcoin followed a similar pattern, topping out at 850.3 grams, but closing at 837.3 grams, up 7.6%. The broader 30 crypto index added 5.0%.

Gold stocks pulled back 0.2%, but all other stock indexes moved higher. The Japanese Nikkei took the lead, rising 2.5%, followed by the Dow Industrials, which gained 2.1%. The Euro STOXX lagged its peers, adding 1.0%.

Commodities were very mixed, with crude oil rising 5.5% while palladium dropped 6.0%. The entire metals complex was lower; copper fell 2.5% and silver slid 2.1%.

Year over year, cryptos remain the star performers, especially Ethereum, which has risen 938%. Gold stocks are the worst performing asset, falling 25%. Outside of the crypto complex, crude oil and coffee, up 93.7% and 74.2% respectively, are the strongest assets. Silver and palladium are the only other assets in the red, with declines of 5.1% and 4.8% for the year.

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