Bonds were lower, but other asset classes were mixed. The biggest gains were in crude oil, up 9.9%, and Bitcoin, which rose 5.0%. Coffee saw the largest loss, falling 14.5%. The second worst drop was in the Euro STOXX, which slid 0.9%.

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Almost every asset in the table lost value this week. The only exceptions were platinum, which rose 1.8%, and long term treasury bonds, which closed unchanged. The worst losses were in crude oil, down 7.2%, and Ethereum, off 4.5%.

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National currencies and bonds rose, cryptocurrencies fell, while stocks and commodities were mixed. Coffee (up 7.8%) and Palladium (up 6.9%) experienced the largest gains. The worst losses were in the cryptocurrencies, as Bitcoin dropped 7.5% and the CCi30 fell 6.7%. Crude oil was close behind, falling 6.0%.

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National currencies and bonds rolled over and headed lower. Cryptocurrencies mostly fell, but stocks and commodities were mixed. Long term bonds experienced the largest drop, falling 4.7%. Coffee once again had the biggest rally, rising 3.6%.

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National currencies continued their rally, though at an easier pace; bonds rose also. The largest cryptocurrencies moved lower, giving back some of the prior week's gains, but overall the crypto space was mixed, as were stocks and commodities. Ethereum made the largest drop, falling 10.1%. Coffee had the biggest rally, adding 5.7%. For more on CCi30 coverage, follow the link below.

Most assets were in the black as national currencies bounced smartly off the all-time lows set last week. The only losses were gold stocks, which fell 1.6%, and silver, which closed down 1.5%. Ethereum made the largest gains, rising 20.4%. Platinum was in second place, gaining 9.7%.

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National currencies and bonds fell hard, and equities (other than gold stocks) moved lower. Cryptocurrencies and commodities were mixed. The week's biggest gains were in Ethereum and silver, up 14.0% and 11.5%. The largest losses were in cotton, which fell 7.8%.

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Stocks moved higher, cryptocurrencies pulled back, and other asset classes were mixed. The week's biggest moves were once again in commodities, as coffee rose 4.8% and cotton fell 3.9%. Other strong performers were palladium, up 3.8%, and the Euro STOXX, which gained 2.9%.

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Another generally higher week; the only losses were in long term bonds, which fell 1.9%, and gold mining stocks, which dropped 1.8%. Euro stocks and crude oil led the rally, gaining 14.5% and 14.4% respectively. Ethereum was also a strong performer, rising 12.2%.

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Another mixed, but generally higher week. The largest gains were in the Euro STOXX50 and the Japanese Nikkei, which each rose 7.3%. In second place was crude oil, which added 7.0%. The worst losses were in coffee, which fell 6.8%, and gold mining stocks, which dropped 3.9%.

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