Weekly Update 25 Aug 2017

Almost all asset classes were higher this week, with the exceptions of crude oil and platinum, which dropped 0.5% and 0.2% respectively. The largest gains were in digital tokens, as Ethereum rose 11.3% and Bitcoin gained 6.8%. Copper was also strong, adding 4.0% for the week.

The Canadian Dollar and the Euro were the best performing national currencies, rising by 1.8% and 1.6% respectively. The Chinese Yuan was weakest, gaining just 0.2%. Bonds were up, with the 20+ year TLT rising 1.4%, the 1-3 year SHY adding 0.9% and USD cash (notes of zero maturity) gaining 0.8%.

Bitcoin spent most of the week trading near 100 grams, then moved up to close the week at 106.7 grams, up 6.8%, and just 1.4% below it's all-time high. Ethereum rose gradually throughout the week, ending up 11.3% at 8.0 grams, it's highest level since June.

All equities rose, but gold stocks outpaced the major indexes, gaining 3.2%. The best of the big indexes was the Euro STOXX, which added 2.1%. The Nikkei was the weakest, rising 0.5%.

Copper was the strongest of the commodities (up 4.0%). Crude oil fell the most, dropping 0.5%. Coffee recovered a bit from the prior week's massive 9.4% drop, rising 3.5% this week. Platinum and silver were little changed, off 0.2% and up 0.1% respectively.

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