Dollar Zombie Apocalypse

The other day, I was writing an email to a friend and the following rant somehow slipped in. After re-reading it, I decided to post it here, and expand on it in the coming days.

Ultimately, this is all about freedom… The more I work out the implications of "gold thinking" and try to free my mind from the mesmerizing influence of fiat currencies, the more I realize that it isn't just the money, but the freedom to conduct my business and my life the way I want to that is at stake here. It seems to me that most people start by moving some assets offshore, then a few of those go further and move themselves offshore, but very few actually go so far as to move their minds offshore! And a big part of this is the constant drumming of the fiat currency message that bombards us from all directions. From the media to the gas station to the grocery store to the bills we get every day in the mail, not only is the world drowning in dollars, but our minds are drowning in dollar prices! It is a powerful hypnotic drone that keeps us in thrall to our monetary overlords, regardless of where we do our banking, set up our businesses, or make our homes.

At the Casey Conference in San Diego, Richard Russell told a story about his wife, and her preference for dollars, versus his preference for gold. He referred to his wife as a "Dollar Bug". She's not alone: there are millions of times more Dollar Bugs in the world than there are Gold Bugs or Silver Bugs, and the Dollar Bugs are far more rabid than even the most outspoken Gold Bugs. Perhaps "Dollar Zombie" would be a better term… Zombie banks aren't the worst of it: we are living through the Dollar Zombie Apocalypse, right now!

Next time, I'll look at some ways of fighting back against the Dollar Zombie menace. Until then, keep your profits growing, in gold!

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