More on Gold101

Since I published Gold101 there have been some wonderful articles giving additional details on buying and storing physical gold.

The first, called "Gold coin shortage likely to become chronic" by Michael J. Kosares, outlines the reasons why gold bullion coins have been so hard to find at reasonable premiums, and why these forces will probably keep premiums high in the future as well. BTW, Michael's book, The ABCs of Gold Investing: How to Protect and Build Your Wealth With Gold is well worth reading if you are new to buying gold.

The second article was written by the editors of BIG GOLD at Casey Research and published in Dr. Steve Sjuggerud's excellent (and free) Daily Wealth email. Its title, "What You Need to Know About Storing Physical Gold" says it all.

Take advantage of gold's recent pullback (aka the US Dollar's recent strength) to add to your stock of cash that clanks – and keep your investments growing in their gold value!


PS: Dan Ferris, editor of Extreme Value, a newsletter I recommended to you in Gold101, scored big points with me in his weekly update today. Dan is a dyed-in-the-wool value investor, and his portfolio contains only excellent companies that are trading at great prices. But today he told his subscribers to sell several of his portfolio picks – including some long-time favorites and some very recent recommendations. Why did he do this? Because his honest opinion is that the stock market has further to fall, and having cash on hand will be key to taking advantage of the values that will be available in the future. He is keeping the strongest of his stocks, especially those he calls "World Dominators", and is buying some outstanding gold-related companies. This had to be a hard letter for him to write, but I think he's doing the right thing, and I applaud him for it. Follow his lead: take a hard look at what's in your portfolio, and don't be afraid to sell the weakest things in it, whether at a loss or a profit. Concentrate on strength and building your cash position for buying when things turn around.