Gold, Inflation and Interest Rates – Episode 4


Last year, in July of 2007, I attended the Agora Financial investment Symposium in Vancouver, BC. There were a lot of excellent speakers and sessions covering all aspects of investment, with quite a bit of emphasis on natural resources and a strong international flavor. One of the speakers who impressed me the most was Paul van Edeen. On my return home I subscribed to his newsletter – which has since become one of my favorites.

Last month I had an opportunity to interview Paul on the phone, and I picked up some great investment ideas and tidbits of investing wisdom that I am excited to pass along to you.

Because of it's length, I'm breaking the interview up into two podcasts. The first will cover Paul's background and lay out his views on gold, inflation and interest rates. In the second, we'll discuss what to do about this situation – how to translate this view of the world into profitable investment action.

I heartily recommend Paul's newsletter, and would love to see you at the upcoming 2008 Agora Financial Investment Symposium, to be held in Vancouver, BC from July 22 to 25. Paul and I will be there along with the legendary Jim Rogers, Rick Rule, Bill Bonner and a boatload of other excellent speakers. If you will be attending, be sure to drop me an email or leave a message on the Priced In Gold Hotline at 888-868-5656, and we'll see what we can work out for a get-together. Just watch for my pith helmet!

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June 11, 2009

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