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Cryptocurrencies and major stock markets were higher, bonds were lower, and other asset categories were mixed. The largest gains were in crude oil and the Euro STOXX 50 index, which advanced 2.7% each. Coffee fell 1.2%, the week's biggest loss.

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National currencies and major stock markets were higher, cryptocurrencies lower, and bonds and commodities were mixed. The largest gains were in the PGMs, as palladium rose 6.2% and platinum gained 5.3%. The worst losses were in Ethereum, which gave back some of last week's massive gains, closing down 7.3%, and gold stocks, which fell 4.4%.

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Cryptocurrency prices turned sharply higher at the end of the week, leaving Ethereum up 11.2% and Bitcoin up 5.4%. Bonds were also higher, but other asset classes were mixed. Crude oil and platinum saw the largest losses, as crude fell 4.3% and platinum dropped to a new all-time low of 18.9 grams, down 2.9%.

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Once again, cryptocurrencies were lower while other asset classes were mixed. The biggest drops were in Ethereum, down 4.5%, and palladium, off 3.9%. The HUI gold stocks were the week's biggest winners, rising 4.4%.

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Cryptos were lower this week, while other asset classes were mixed. The biggest drops were in the gold stocks (off 5.1%) and Ethereum (down 4.8%). Crude oil, which rose 4.1%, and palladium, which gained 4.0%, were the week's biggest winners.

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Results for the first full week of trading in 2019 were mixed for currencies, stocks and commodities, but lower for cryptos and bonds. Ethereum, the prior week's biggest gainer, was this week's worst loser, giving back all of its gains and then some, closing down 18.1%. Bitcoin was in second place, dropping 5.1%. Commodities were the best performers, as crude oil added another 6.6% on top of last week's 5.7% gain, and palladium rose 3.8% to close at 32.0 grams, solidly above parity with gold.

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Another short trading week over New Years has given mixed results for most asset classes. The largest gains were once again in Ethereum, which rose 12.2%. Crude oil reversed course to gain 5.7%. The largest losses were in Bitcoin, down 1.8%, and the Chinese Yuan, off 1.5%.

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The short trading week over Christmas brought a mix of results, taking bonds and national currencies lower, and producing a range of results for cryptocurrencies, stocks and commodities. The largest gains were in Ethereum, which rose 23.7%, and silver, which gained 2.4%. Cotton took the biggest losses, closing down 3.0% followed by the Canadian Dollar and crude oil which each fell 2.2%.

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It was a rough pre-Christmas week for most asset classes except the cryptocurrencies, which bounced back strongly; Ethereum rose 27.5%, while Bitcoin gained 18.0%. Commodities were hardest hit, as crude oil plunged 12.2% and cotton sank 9.8%. Stocks weren't spared, either; the S&P 500 closed down 8.7%.

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Results were mixed for stocks, commodities and currencies, while bonds rose and the cryptos fell once again. Palladium showed the largest gains, rising 2.7% and closing at 31.0 grams – just shy of parity with gold. Ethereum had the largest loss, dropping 9.0%.

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