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Recently I was in Vancouver, BC for the Agora Financial Symposium, which carried the tagline "A View from the Peak". There were many peaks discussed and analyzed: oil, food, water and debt, to name a few. The price of gold and silver got a lot of discussion, and forecasts abounded. Discussions and opinions were not limited to the speakers, of course – the hallways, restaurants and sidewalks were filled with animated discourse, colorful scenarios and useful information. As you can guess, I loved every minute of it!

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Another fun look at the news, without the distorting effects of the US Dollar. For context, be sure to check out the charts on crude oil and gasoline.

From a March 11, 2008 story in the Associated Press:

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Another story that caught my fancy, restated in terms of gold for your entertainment. Enjoy!

From a March 11, 2008 story in the Financial Times:

As stated in dollars:

Wall St enjoys best one-day rise since 2002
By Chris Bryant in New York
Published: March 11 2008 13:01 | Last updated: March 11 2008 20:41

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Here are excerpts from three news stories from 7-Mar-2008, as they were written, and as I would read them. In each case, I have simply taken the USD figures given in the story and converted them to gold grams, then reworded the story to fit the new numbers. In some cases, I've added YTD data to put the reported figures in a larger perspective.

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As the likelihood that an official "recession declaration" will be issued for the US economy increases, true prices of many items continue to fall. Gasoline, for example, is now at it's lowest price in about 10 years. Uranium also continues to slump, ending January at 2.63 grams per pound.

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