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This was a good week for most asset classes, with both the best and the worst performances among the commodities. The big winner was coffee, which added 5.1%, reversing it's multi-week losing streak. Palladium took the biggest hit, falling 4.9%. The Fed's announcement of a quarter point hike in interest rates (which was widely anticipated) gave new strength to the USD, pushing it up 2.8%, more than any other currency except Bitcoin, which rose 4.2%.Read more .

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Currencies, bonds, and US stocks fell this week, while precious metals, gold stocks, and European stocks rose. The strongest asset class was palladium, which gained 3.4%, while the weakest was Bitcoin, which lost 3.0%.

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Another mixed week, with currencies and bonds mostly lower, equities higher, and commodities both mixed and volatile. The largest gains were in coffee, which rose 4.1%, while the largest losses were in crude oil, which pulled back 7.1%.

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Currencies and short-term bonds continued their tumble, while stocks and commodities were mixed. The week's biggest losses were in crude oil, off 8.3%, and copper, down 5.1%. The UK FTSE stocks were also hit hard, losing 5.0% for the week. The largest gains were in gold stocks, which moved 3.7% higher, and platinum, which rose 3.0%.

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The big gains for the week of 1-July week were in precious metals and mining stocks, while most of the losses were in currencies and short term bonds. (My apologies for the late posting of this update. I will be posting the 8-Jul Update on Monday, 11-July.)

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A generally negative week, with the major exceptions of Bitcoin, which once again led the way higher, and gold mining stocks, which rose nearly twice as far this week as they fell last week. Bitcoin gained 18.1%, while the HUI gold stocks rose 11.7%. The only other asset classes in the black were coffee (up 2.7%), TLT (up 0.8%) and the Chinese Yuan (up 0.3%). The biggest losses were in crude oil, off 3.4%, and silver, which declined 3.2%

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Currencies, bonds and most stocks were higher this week, while commodities were mixed. Coffee (up 6.4%) was the strongest asset class, continuing it's climb from last week. Crude oil was the next strongest, rising 5.4%, and more than recovering from the prior week's decline. The biggest losses were in copper, off 1.6%, and platinum, which fell 1.0%.

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Most asset classes were lower this week. The only exceptions were coffee, up 2.2%, Bitcoin, which rose 0.9%, TLT long bonds, up 0.8%, and platinum, which gained 0.4%. Cotton (down 7.2%) and copper (off 5.9%) were the weakest asset classes.

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Last week gold stocks crashed to their lowest levels ever. The HUI “gold bugs” index closed the week down 7.1% at 3.53 grams, a new all-time low, and on Monday 20-July fell another 9.8% to close at 3.18 grams. The Barron’s Gold Mining Index has made several new lows in 2015, but it also closed the week at a new all-time low of 11.59 grams, 21% below its long-standing 14.74 gram low set back in April of 1942.

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From the beautiful Bahamas, I wish you the very best for 2015. The year just ended has seen tremendous gains in a few areas including large cap US stocks, coffee, and long term treasury bonds – while currencies, gold stocks, and most commodities saw big declines.

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