This was a generally positive week for currencies and bonds, a quiet week for stocks, and a mixed week for cryptocurrencies and commodities. The largest gains were in crude oil, which rose a stunning 9.7%. The largest losses were in Ethereum, which fell 5.0%.

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This was a strange week, generally positive until Friday, when trade war announcements caused most assets except the USD and long term bonds to drop sharply. Bitcoin and Ethereum had fallen hard very early in the week, and were recovering slowly before giving up their gains on Friday, ending off 14.5% and 17.5% respectively. Long term bonds were the largest gainers, rising 1.7%.

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It was generally an up week for currencies and bonds, but mixed for cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities. The largest swings were in commodities, with cotton climbing 5.3% and crude oil falling 2.4%.

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This was a very "risk on" week, as buyers pushed the prices of every asset class, except platinum, higher. The largest gains were in cotton, up 5.1%, and Ethereum, up 5.0%. Platinum lost 1.9%, and closed at 21.3 grams/oz, just 0.3% above its all-time lows.

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2017 was an exciting year, especially in the cryptocurrency markets, where Bitcoin rose about 12x, Ethereum rose about 82x, and other smaller coins and tokens rose even more. Commodities were very active, with palladium surging 38% while coffee fell 19%. Bonds and most currencies were lower, while major stock indexes were higher.

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Digital tokens and commodities were again mixed, while other asset classes were mostly higher. Bitcoin made the largest gains, rising 50.8% for the week to close at 399.3 grams. Cotton ended in second place, up 2.6%. The largest losses were in coffee, which fell 3.5% for the week, while gold stocks dropped 2.8% and platinum fell 2.6% to close at 22.2 grams per ounce, a new all-time low.

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Currencies, bonds and major stock indexes were higher, commodities were mixed, and digital tokens stabilized this week. The largest losses were in coffee and silver, down 2.9% and 2.0% respectively. The biggest gains were in Ethereum, up 4.0%, and crude oil, which rose 3.7%.

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Currencies and commodities were mixed, while bonds, and stocks, and digital tokens were all lower this week. In a major reversal, the largest losses were in digital tokens, as Ethereum fell 23.4% and Bitcoin dropped 14.5%. The biggest gains were in silver and cotton, which added 2.1% and 1.8% respectively.

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Almost all asset classes were higher this week, with the exceptions of crude oil and platinum, which dropped 0.5% and 0.2% respectively. The largest gains were in digital tokens, as Ethereum rose 11.3% and Bitcoin gained 6.8%. Copper was also strong, adding 4.0% for the week.

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Bonds, stocks, and currencies were lower, but digital tokens and commodities were mixed. Bitcoin rose 12.2% while Ethereum dropped 5.2%. Coffee was the weakest asset class, falling 9.4%.

The Canadian Dollar and Chinese Yuan were the best performing national currencies, off by 0.1% and 0.2% respectively. The Euro fell the most, dropping 1.1%. Bonds were lower, with the 20+ year TLT off 0.6%, the 1-3 year SHY losing 0.8% and USD cash (notes of zero maturity) dropping 0.7%.

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