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I would love to see a long running value of the U.S. M3 in gold. I've wondered if this pool equals a relatively fixed gold value while the dollar price of gold reflects mainly the fluctuation in the amount of money in the pool. Thanks.

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There has never been a better time to switch to gold. By that I mean to choose gold as your unit of account, your personal money. To hold your savings in gold. To measure your investment returns in gold. To keep your books in gold. In fact, it's not just a "good idea", it is vital to your future!

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On May 31st, Dr. Marc Faber, one of my favorite economists and a very engaging speaker, gave a landmark presentation at the Mises Circle on Austrian Economics and Finance. In this talk, Dr. Faber details the coming economic catastrophe, and what to do about it.

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I think it's time we all switched to using gold as our unit of account, as the fiat currencies of the world continue to be consumed in a firestorm of inflationary "money" creation. Whether or not we hold actual physical gold (which we should, as our bedrock cash position) we should be seeking to own stuff that is rising in value in gold terms. The real problem is that the signals we get from investments priced in EUR, USD, JPY, etc. are being seriously distorted by the massive issuance of these currencies, resulting in investors continuing to hold them and even add to them, believing their value is rising when it is in fact falling.

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Here is a news item I found interesting, followed by my restatement of the story, priced in gold. You can also view a chart of net worth.

Americans' net worth rises for third straight quarter

Friday, March 12, 2010

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In a recent comment, Jules wrote "I once heard that a semester of college in 1920 cost the same number of gold oz as it would in 1990. Any truth to that?"

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Although nobody wants to use the "N" word, more and more economists, including Nobel Prize winners, are saying that this is really our only choice. Of course it will only be "temporary". Maybe it will be "partial". But any way you slice it, it will be ugly. Thanks to a tip from Seeker Blog editor Steve Darden, I recently came across a great opinion piece in the Financial Times called "To Save the Banks We Must Stand Up to the Bankers". In this article, Peter Boone, a researcher at the London School of Economics and Simon Johnson, former IMF chief economist, and professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, give us the following memorable quote:

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