Cryptocurrencies continued to drift lower after last week's all-time highs, bonds advanced, and stocks, commodities and national currencies were mixed. US stocks were the big winners this week, as the Dow Industrials rose 1.9% and the S&P 500 gained 1.8%. The largest losses were in Ethereum, which dropped 6.1%, and Bitcoin, which fell 5.3%. Silver retreated 4.1%.

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National currencies, bonds, and major stock indexes declined; commodities were mixed, and cryptocurrencies were mixed but mostly higher. Palladium was the big winner this week, rising 9.0%; the next largest gains were in the broad index of 30 cryptocurrencies, up 4.6%. The largest losses were in crude oil, which dropped 8.0%, and in cotton, which fell 5.0%.

Bonds and national currencies fell, cryptocurrencies continued their strong advances, and stocks and commodities were mixed, but mostly higher. Bitcoin rose 23.6% to a new all-time high, but the broader index of 30 cryptos did even better, closing up 31.4%. Platinum gained 8.1%, but coffee suffered the week's worst losses, dropping 3.4%.

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This was an amazing week, with every asset in the table in the black! Even silver, the week's worst performer, was up a tiny 0.04%. Cryptocurrencies continue to be the big movers and shakers, as Ethereum rose 28.5% and the broader index of 30 cryptos gained 22.8%. Outside of the cryptocurrencies, crude oil was the star, adding 12.6%.

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Bonds and national currencies declined, stocks were mostly higher, and commodities were mostly lower. But the big fireworks this week were in cryptocurrencies, as Bitcoin fell 11.0% and Ethereum rose 4.7%. The next biggest movers were coffee and palladium, which dropped 3.9% and 3.5% respectively.

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After weeks of near vertical ascension, cryptocurrencies finally paused and pulled back a bit. Bonds and most national currencies rose, while stocks and commodities were mixed. Coffee took the lead this week, rising 4.9%, while Bitcoin fell 8.6% and gold stocks retreated 4.7%.

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Bonds and most national currencies moved higher while cryptocurrencies and stocks pulled back; commodities were mixed. The largest gains were in cotton, up 3.5%, and coffee, up 3.4%. The CCI30 crypto index (down 4.9%) and platinum (off 4.8%) had the largest losses.

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National currencies and bonds fell, stocks and cryptocurrencies rose strongly, and commodities were mixed. The biggest gains were in cryptos, as Ether rose 15.2%, and Bitcoin gained 11.4%. Cotton fell 3.5%, while the US Dollar and its short term notes fell 3.0%, the largest losses this week.

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Currencies and bonds moved higher, but other asset classes were mixed. The biggest gains were in cotton, which rose 4.4%, and Bitcoin, which gained 3.2%. Palladium fell more than any other asset, dropping 3.9%. Coffee was in second place, declining 2.9%.

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National currencies and bonds rose sharply, but other asset classes were mixed. The biggest gains were in long term bonds, which soared 5.9%, and cotton, which rose 5.4%. Silver collapsed, dropping 12.3%. The second worst decline was in platinum, which fell 6.0%.

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