Weekly Update 5 Apr 2024

Commodities were mixed and gold stocks rose, but all other assets moved lower. The largest gains were in coffee, up 8.4%, and silver, up 5.1%. The worst losses were in the CCi30 crypto index, down 10.3%, and cotton, off 9.1%. Gold mining shares rose 3.3%, while the Nikkei fell 7.1% and the Dow Industrials dropped 5.8%. The US Dollar fell 3.7%, as it and every other major national currency (except the Ruble) hit new all-time lows.

Over the last 5 years, only cryptocurrencies and coffee have made significant gains. ETH is the leader, up 1,073%, followed by BTC, up 657%. Coffee is up 28%. The S&P 500 stocks have retained their value, just barely, adding 0.8%. All other assets are in the red, with the worst losses coming from the Japanese Yen, down 58.7%, palladium, down 58.5%, and long dated treasury bonds, down 52.9%. USD cash has lost 43.9% of it's value.

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