Berkshire Hathaway in Gold

Another great email this week:

I often hear that Warren Buffet thinks gold is a lousy "investment" when compared to stocks.  What I've never seen is a long-term comparison of gold versus BRK-A or other well-known "successful" funds.
Any chance of seeing a chart of BRK-A in gold? 

I've been keeping that chart for years, but haven't updated it lately.  You can check it anytime at with the symbol "BRK/A:$GOLD".  Basically, Berkshire did great until 1999, and has been lousy from then until about a year ago, falling 85% and giving up all of it's gains back to 1995.  The last 12 months have been pretty good, but if you bought BRK-A anytime between 1996 and 2011, you are still underwater.
Here is a chart of BRK-A in ounces of gold:
BRKA 1995
Sir Charles

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