Market Update 21 Sep 2012 – EUR, CHF and Cotton

Anxiety over the massive coordinated money printing program continued this week, pushing the EUR and CHF to new all-time lows and the USD to the lowest level since February. For the week, though, the JPY dropped more than either the USD or EUR, losing 1.3% to close at 0.223 mg.

Cotton also continued to drop, hitting another new all-time low of 12.5 mg/lb, down 5%.  But the weakest asset of all was Crude Oil, down 6.6% to close the week at 1.62 g/bbl.

Paradoxically, TLT, representing the long term US treasuries, was the strongest performer for the week, up 2.2% to 2.12 g.  The only other gainer was the HUI gold stock index, which rose 1%.

Table of prices in gold for week ending 9/21/2012

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October 1, 2012

Michael Hendricks @ 6:14 am #

Thanks for these updates. I find them very informative.