Weekly Summary

This was a rough week for cryptocurrencies, a good week for bonds, and a mixed week for other asset classes. Ethereum took the biggest beating, falling 16.8% to close at 14.3 grams. Bitcoin also fell hard, giving up 10.0%. Strongest was the Nikkei index, which rose 2.6%, closely followed by 20+ year treasury bonds, which gained 2.4%.

The Canadian Dollar was the only falling currency, dropping 1.2%. The Japanese Yen rose the most, gaining 1.6%. Short term bonds and USD cash each added 0.8% while the long term TLT rose 2.4%.

Stocks were strongest outside the US, with the Japanese Nikkei rising 2.6%, while the Dow Jones Industrials fell 0.7%. Gold stocks fell 0.2%, approaching their long-term support level of 4 grams.

Energy and metals were higher this week, led by crude oil, up 1.3%, and palladium, up 1.1%. Cotton fell 1.2% while coffee dropped 1.0%. Silver rose 0.7% and copper was little changed, up 0.1%.

Priced in Gold Weekly Summary

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