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The huge winner last week was the Swiss Franc. The Swiss central bank did a sudden about-face last Thursday, dropping its peg to the Euro, and the CHF rose 13.4% for the week while all other major currencies fell 3%-6%.The only other asset category in the black was the HUI gold stock index, which is now hovering just below its 200 day moving average and resistance at about 5 grams. Watch closely to see if this is really a breakout to the upside or just a dead cat bounce. 

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In a week when most assets turned in excellent performances, bitcoin once again outshone all others. The only things that lost ground this week were mining stocks and silver.

Currencies were all higher, led by bitcoin, which added an astounding 24.6% to close at 520.7 mg, within spitting distance of its all-time high of 598 mg.  In fact, in all of bitcoin's history, there are only 3 days on which it was traded at higher levels.

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This was a volatile week, but most of the volatility was to the upside.

Among the currencies, the EUR was strongest, rising 4% to close at 24.9 mg.  The USD was second, up 2.7%, closely followed by BTC, which gained 2.4%.  The laggard was the JPY, which still managed a respectable 1.8% gain. More comments on the USD later in this post.

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S&P just released the latest numbers for the Case-Shiller home price database, bringing the series up to September, 2012. Priced in US Dollars, the ten city composite known as CSXR has been rising steadily for all of 2012, and rose again in September from August's 155.18 to 155.63.  This means that in those ten cities, used house prices in USD, as tracked by index, were about 56% higher in Sep-2012 than they were in Jan-2000.

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Priced in Gold reader Shaun C. recently wrote me asking for a chart of investment farmland in gold, and suggesting some sources of data.  This was very intriguing, as I have been considering investments in timberland and farmland for myself.  After a little research, I prepared the following charts, which will be updated quarterly on an Investment Real Estate chart page.  They suggest that farmland is the best place for real estate investment money in the near future, but once the "bottom is in", timberland may be the way to go.

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