Weekly Update 17 Dec 2021

National and crypto currencies moved lower, while bonds rose. Stocks and commodities were mixed, but mostly lower. Bitcoin fell the most, dropping 3.7%. Gold stocks and silver bullion were the biggest winners, rising 2.3% and 1.8% respectively.

All national currencies fell, but the Canadian Dollar fell the most, dropping 2.4%. The Chinese Yuan and US Dollar fared best, declining 1.4% and 1.5%. Bonds moved higher, with gains of 1.4% for long bonds and 0.1% for short term notes.

Cryptocurrencies continued to slide, although at a slower rate than last week. On Monday the 12th, Bitcoin hit a high of 875 grams before working to lower to close the week at 795 grams, down 3.7%. The broader index of 30 cryptos dropped 2.6%.

Stocks were mostly lower, but gold stocks bucked the trend, closing up 2.3%, making them the week's best performing asset. The Euro STOXX index underperformed its peers, falling 2.2%. The Dow Industrials closed down 1.7%.

The only rising commodity was silver, with a gain of 1.8%. The weakest commodities were Crude oil, down 2.7%, and platinum, off 2.6%. Coffee turned in a relatively strong performance, giving up ust 0.2%.

Year over year, cryptocurrencies continue to dominate, with Ethereum up 524.7% and the 30 crypto index up 197.6%. The next best category is commodities, with coffee up 94.9% and crude oil up 53.3%. The year's worst losses are in palladium, down 20.0%, and gold stocks, down 15.7%.

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