Weekly Update 20 Jul 2018

Currencies and equities were higher this week, while bonds and commodities were mixed. Bitcoin and Ethereum were the largest gainers, rising 19.1% and 4.9% respectively. The largest drops were in palladium, down 4.5%, and silver, off 1.8%.

The strongest government-issued currency was the Japanese Yen, which gained 1.6%. The Chinese Yuan was weakest, adding 0.4%. Short term bonds and USD cash rose 1.1% each, while long term bonds fell 0.6%.

Bitcoin rose through the week, peaking at 190.7 grams on Thursday before pulling back to finish the week at 186.1 grams, up 19.1%. Ethereum followed a similar pattern, but peaked on Tuesday at 12.6 grams, then worked lower to close at 11.4 grams, for a gain of 4.9%.

Stock indexes were all higher, led by the Japanese Nikkei, which gained 2.0%. The HUI gold stocks rose the least, adding 0.2%. The Dow Industrials gained 1.2%.

Metals were mixed, with palladium and silver falling 4.5% and 1.8% respectively, while copper and platinum rose 0.2% apiece. Coffee gained more than any other commodity, adding 1.7%.

Priced in Gold Weekly Summary

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