Weekly Update 18 May 2018

This was a very "risk on" week, as buyers pushed the prices of every asset class, except platinum, higher. The largest gains were in cotton, up 5.1%, and Ethereum, up 5.0%. Platinum lost 1.9%, and closed at 21.3 grams/oz, just 0.3% above its all-time lows.

The US Dollar was the strongest of the national currencies, gaining 2.8%. The Euro was weakest, rising 1.3%. Bonds also rose, as the short term SHY added 2.8%, and the long term TLT closed 1.1% higher.

Cryptocurrencies peaked early in the week, then worked their way lower as the week came to a close. Ethereum managed to hang on to more of its gains, finishing up 5.0%, while Bitcoin ended the week little changed, up just 0.5%.

Stocks also had a great week, led by the DJIA and Nikkei indexes which rose 2.3% apiece. Gold stocks rose the least, adding just 0.3%.

Commodities saw the most volatility, with cotton rising 5.1% and crude oil gaining 3.6%, while platinum had the only falling price, off 1.9%. Silver and palladium were quiet this week, closing up 0.5% and 0.4% respectively.

Priced in Gold Weekly Summary

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