Weekly Summary 22-Apr-2016

This week's trading saw currencies and bonds lower, stocks mixed, and commodities mostly higher. The largest gains were in crude oil, up 6.9%, palladium, up 6.2%, and silver, which rose 4.9%. The weakest asset was the long treasury bond (TLT) which fell 3.9%.

Bitcoin made the only gains in the currency space, rising a further 3.0%. Of the government-issued currencies, the Canadian Dollar was once again the strongest, falling just 0.2%. USD cash fell 1.3%. The weakest currency was the Japanese Yen, which dropped 2.5%.

Stocks were mixed, led by the Japanese Nikkei 225, which rose 1.7%, and the European STOXX, which gained 1.5%. US stocks dropped, with the S&P 500 falling 0.8%. Gold stocks held onto last week's gains, rising 0.8% to close at 5.1 grams.

All commodities were higher except coffee, which gave up 1.5%. As mentioned above, crude, palladium and silver were the week's biggest gainers. Copper and Cotton also made good gains, rising 3.8% and 3.7% respectively.

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