Weekly Summary 18-Mar-2016

A great week for all asset classes except Bitcoin, which fell 1.6%. The best performing asset was coffee, which rose 7.8%, followed by gold stocks, which gained 4.4% (more on this below). Aside from Bitcoin, the weakest asset classes were platinum, up 0.8%, and cotton and the USD, each of which gained 1.0%.

The strongest government-issued currencies were the Canadian Dollar (up 3.2%) and the Japanese Yen (which rose 2.9%).

Stocks were all higher. The DJIA rose 3.3%, while the S&P 500 added 2.4%. The Euro STOXX FEZ was the weakest, rising 1.2%. 

As mentioned earlier, gold stocks led the rise in equities. The HUI closed the week at 4.5g, solidly above the 4.2g resistance level I have been watching for the last year. This level was first broken 2 weeks ago, and has been tested twice since then, holding each time. Gold stocks are also trading well above their 200 day moving average.  This could be a good time to add exposure to this asset class.

Although Bitcoin is down for the week, it is still the only asset which is higher today than it was a year ago. It looks like it might be joined by the HUI gold stocks soon, however!

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March 22, 2016

Rob @ 5:30 am #

Thanks for sendinfg the e-mails. It may take me a little time to read them, but your info is the best! The ownly thing I have a problem with is understanding all the graffs. Is there any chance to give a little extra info on them. Thanks Rob