Chart Updates

As the likelihood that an official "recession declaration" will be issued for the US economy increases, true prices of many items continue to fall. Gasoline, for example, is now at it's lowest price in about 10 years. Uranium also continues to slump, ending January at 2.63 grams per pound.

Stocks (as indicated by the Dow Jones Industrials at 474) were last this low in September of 1996. But in those days, they were on the way up – about 15 years into a 20 year bull market – just leaving the foothills behind in the dramatic run-up to almost 1400 gold grams in 1999.

Some commodities have rallied, however. Platinum in particular has shot up dramatically – from about 54 to over 70 grams/oz in the last month. Silver is also showing some strength.

Going forward, remember that the tax refunds, rate drops, and mortgage relief plans all amount to devaluation of the money in in your pocket and in your bank and brokerage accounts. Never trust values given in fiat currency: they are subject to the whims of those who issue that currency. Keep your eye on the true value of your investments and assets – their value measured in gold.