Charts Updated

After last week's wild ride, I've updated all charts on the site to August 17.  The big surprise to me was silver, which has fallen off of a cliff!  Uranium is continuing it's slide as well, but it still by far the best performer of the last few years.  The DJIA has been weak and volatile, but hardly in free fall, and most other prices also seem pretty mellow when measured in gold.  This tells me that it's the dollar that is gyrating – and the Fed's lowering of the discount rate is a flashing warning that more inflation is dead ahead. 

Watch your profits, and don't be fooled by a shrinking dollar – make sure your real wealth is increasing!  And if you haven't given the Custom Charting Service a try, remember that as a subscriber to the newsletter you can get a FREE chart of the currency, commodity or security of your choice!  See details on the Custom Charts page.  Use this market correction to your advantage – Custom Charts can help!

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